How do I get Quicktime videos to play on Windows?
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In order to play Quicktime videos in Windows through your browser there are two conditions that have to be met. These steps apply to both IE and Firefox. They are:

  1. Quicktime must be installed.
  2. Your browser must be allowed to install and run the Quicktime browser plugin.

Here are detailed instructions to meet the above conditions.

Steps to install Quicktime:

  1. Download and save the Quicktime installer from:
  2. After it's done downloading run the Quicktime Installer on your computer.
  3. After the installer is done verify that it installed successfully by making sure you can see Quicktime in your Start Menu.

Steps to allow your browser to install and run the Quicktime browser plugin:

  1. Go to the any of the video lessons that use Quicktime i.e. the Illustrator 101 lessons.
  2. Click on the lesson icon to open Lesson popup.
  3. If you haven't yet installed the Quicktime browser plugin or given your browser permission to run it, you will see a yellow bar accross the top of your browser window. This bar is your browser asking you for permission to either install or run the Quicktime Plugin. The actual message on the bar varies based on which browser you are using but in general it something like 'Internet Explorer has blocked a plugin from running for security reasons' or 'Install missing plugins'.  What you should do is single left click this bar and it will give you options. Select either 'Install for all sites' or 'Allow for all sites'. Again the actuall option text may vary but in general what you what your trying to do is tell your browser that it is OK to install and run the Quicktime plugin.
  4. After giving your browser permission to install and run the Quicktime plugin in step #3, verify that the plugin is intalled and enabled by using the following steps depending on your browser:
    1. In Firefox: go to Tools->Add-ons and clicking the Plug-ins tab and you should see 'Quicktime Plug-in' in the list.
    2. In Internet Explorer: Click on 'Tools->Manage Add-ons'. Click on the 'Show:' dropdown and select 'All add-ons'. That will display all the plugins intsalled for IE, scroll through that list and you should see 'Quicktime' listed and it should have a status of 'Enabled'

After following the above steps you should now be able to view Quicktime videos in your browser in windows!




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