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Monday, 26 July 2010 17:54

This week our lovely and talented Creative Team member is going to show you how to make this *ADORABLE* apron. Is it not the cutest? Camille even made a downloadable PDF complete with all of the pictures and instructions. I think she likes you guys. ;)  Click right here to snag it. (Please note: Make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date. To get the latest version click right here.)

It seems no matter what I’m doing--scrapbooking, card making, sewing, home décor projects--I’m always misplacing tools (and my cell phone) while I’m creating.  I wanted an apron that would display an eclectic style in hopes that it would coordinate with whatever I’m wearing. I think I accomplished that and had a chance to use my computer/printer, digital scrapbook supplies, and sewing machine at the same time.  That’s a bonus in my book.

Faux Patchwork Craft Apron Supplies & Tools:
Iron/Ironing Board
Sewing pins
Sewing Machine
Photo Editing Software
Computer with Printer
Faux Patchwork Craft Apron Supplies & Tools (continued):
2 Sheets of Fabric Stick
Fusible Fleece Cotton fabric for the main body of the apron Coordinating cotton fabric for the waistband, ties, and pocket
Jessica Sprague.com Supplies
Templates by Crystal V.01, Creativity by Crystal
Brilliant Paper Pack, The Full Collection; Delicious Sweet Pea Paper Pack, and Delicious Grapetastic Paper Pack by Splendid Fiins
Chalkboard Paper Collection by Kitschy Digitals
Sitting Pretty, The Accents, by The Queen of Quirk
Summerific Labels Element Pack by liv.e

1.    To make the cutest part of the apron—the pockets—insert various digital patterned papers into digital template using photo-editing software.  Size the template to 11-x-8-1/2-inches and print the template onto Fabric Stick for the left side of the apron, and again, using different patterned papers, for the right side of the apron.

2.     Cut the fabric to the following sizes:
Main Body of Apron: 15-x-26-inches
Waistband: 5-x-27-inches
Ties: 5-x-29-inches x 2
Pocket: 10-x-23-inches
Fusible Fleece: 10-1/2-x-8-inches x 2

3.    Hem the main body of the apron by turning in the two sides and bottom to ¼ to ½ inch, pressing them in place, and stitching them down.  Set aside. 4.    Attach the fusible fleece pieces to the back sides of the printed Fabric Stick pieces.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions using the fusible fleece to do this.  Make sure the fusible fleece pieces are not larger than the Fabric Stick pieces as we do not want the fusible fleece to show. Out of caution, I placed a clean cotton towel over the top of the printed Fabric Stick pieces when I ironed them down, so as not to burn them.  I’m not sure they would burn, but I just wanted to be on the side of caution.  Set aside.

5.     Finish all four edges of the large pocket piece by turning the edges toward the inside ½ inch, pressing them in place, and stitching them down.

6.    Pin the faux patchwork (printed side facing up) to the finished pocket (print side up) and stitch around the faux patchwork borders.  This will help keep this one piece together.  Use a straight stitch around the borders, but feel free to use a zigzag stitch here and there to achieve some whimsy.

7.    Pin the pocket to the main body of the apron.  Find the center of the apron by folding it in half and pressing it down.  Open it, and pin the pocket piece where desired.

8.    Stitch the pocket to the main body of the apron, reinforcing with backstitching at the start and end.

9.    Once this big pocket is sewn on, determine how big you want your individual pockets to be and sew vertically from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the pocket, reinforcing the stitching at the start and end.  For my apron, I made four individual pockets for my craft supplies.  Two big ones can be accomplished, just by sewing up the middle of the two printed pieces.

10.    Make the ties for the apron by folding in one of the short edges for each about ½ inch and pressing it in place.  Fold the long edges toward the inside to meet each other in the middle and press again.

Fold the ties in half lengthwise.  Press and stitch in place.

11.    Pin the apron ties to the left and right sides of the apron and stitch in place.

12.    Make the waistband.  Finish the short edges of the waistband, by turning the edges in ¼ inch, pressing it down, and stitching it in place.  Turn the top and bottom of the waistband piece toward the center of the strip and press.

13.    Place the waistband piece on the table exactly as you see it in the above picture.  Position the unfinished top side of the apron on top of the bottom fold of the waistband piece, so that the top of the unfinished piece is at the middle of the waistband piece.  Hopefully my picture below illustrates this.

14. Fold the top of the waistband over the apron, so that the unfinished edge of the apron and the ties are concealed, pin it in place, and sew it down along the bottom and top edges, leaving the sides open.

15.     Stitch the side openings of the waistband closed, reinforcing the stitching.

Put on and ENJOY!  The patterned paper I chose for this project would make a great apron to wear while you’re helping out the kiddos at school.  Try making one to wear in the kitchen by printing up some favorite recipes on those lovely Bleecker Street Collection Recipe Cards by Orchard & Broom instead.  This apron would make a lovely gift as well—the holidays are just around the corner!


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Molly Schneider
Molly Schneider: ... http://sweetmollymac.blogspot.com
This is adorable and one that speaks to the quilter in me! Thank you for sharing this idea. Consider it scraplifted smilies/wink.gif

July 29, 2010
Laurie...this is just the cutest apron ever! It's been ages since I've had my sewing machine out, but I think I might just have to blow the dust off of it for this project!

July 29, 2010
Rosi Marling
Rosi Marling: ...
Cute apron!
The photos and instructions are wonderful.
I admire the discipline to stop and take photos at every step.

July 29, 2010
Nisa  Fiin
Nisa Fiin: ...
so stinkin' rad Camille.
(and way to rock the tutorial, too!!!)

July 29, 2010

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