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So you have some digital pages you'd like to print out? We've got a great solution for you! We've teamed up with Rex and his team at and to bring you the BEST layout and book printing at amazing prices - specially discounted for you, our valued customer. (Please note that charges for printing will be from Scrapping Simply, not

Printing 12x12 and Other Pages & Projects -

For 12x12 and other size single prints, you'll use our printing partner's software called PhotoFinale. Click here to enter our specially discounted partner site for Scrapping Simply for

Printing Bound Albums -

For book printing, you'll use our printing partner's software from They've got special cover templates for you to download, as well as a great software piece to help you assemble your book from the pages you've created.

Click here to visit and download the software. You can find the free download here: PaperKiwi Software.

  1. Be sure all of your printable jpg files have been saved in sRGB format.
  2. Create a new project, import your images, and place them in the book.
  3. When you're ready, go to File > Create Proof to generate a pdf proof of the book. This helps you see the ordering of the pages and so forth
  4. When you're ready to order, click on Send to to go through the checkout process.

Rex Allen, the owner of both (the page-printing site), and (the book printing site) has put together a tutorial to walk you through the process of creating a book. He zips right along, so you might need to pause here and there.

Click here to view the photo book creation video.

For the Best Color - sRGB Color Space and use the sRGB color space for printing. To convert your file in Elements:

  1. Go to Edit > Color Settings (Mac: Photoshop > Color Settings)
  2. Choose Always Optimize for Computer Monitors.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Now when you go to File > Save As, you'll either include the sRGB color space, OR uncheck the AdobeRGB checkmark if that is there, to save to the new default of sRGB.

To convert your file in Photoshop CS3/4/5:

  1. Go to Edit > Convert to Profile. (Mac: Photoshop > Convert to Profile)
  2. Choose sRGB as the "Destination Space"
  3. Click OK.
  4. Now when you go to File > Save As, you'll click the checkmark under the Color section to include the sRGB color space for the file.


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