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Every six months or so, as a way of giving back to the community that has given me so much, I like to offer a FREE CLASS. I've done scrapbooking, photo editing, cards, prompts, holidays. This time I wanted to call ALL CRAFTERS & CREATIVE SOULS to join me on a journey of inspiration.

In our 10-day class together, we'll make projects to help us gather and organize inspiration in five different categories. For each of the themes we'll have a project to make, and different crafty techniques to call your creative muse, no matter WHAT kind of art you make!

  • Words
  • Music
  • Art
  • Tools
  • Play

I have another purpose for offering a FREE class: to help you get a feel for what ALL of my other classes are like. If you choose to, you can easily continue your education here with me in a variety of ways: Digital scrapbooking, hybrid (paper + digi) scrapbooking, card-making, photo editing, albums, photography and more! We'll talk more about these in class, too!

How it Works

All of my classes have a new lesson page that launches early each day, and then is available to read at any time after that. So there's no need to be online at a specific time, and if you miss a day, you can always go back! All of the material will be available to you FOREVER.

Our class will have a forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting to know other crafters from around the globe! You'll have access to this forum from the first day of class until the end of the year. :)

Our class will also have a gallery for sharing the projects you make, and for - what else? - being inspired by the work of our fellow crafters! I'm so excited for what are sure to be some truly stunning projects in the gallery.

What Will We Make?

Almost everything we'll make in our class is printable directly from PDF files, so you won't need to have Photoshop or Elements for our class. However, for your Inspiration Binder, you'll probably want to grab a copy of Photoshop Elements (or get the free 30-day trial from so you can continue that project ongoing. I'll show you how to use it, don't worry!

I've got a supply list all set up in the Introduction page to our class, which you can see right after you register. I think you'll LOVE all the creative possibility just with the tools and supplies listed! :)

It's easy to register!

Registration is closed.

    After You Register

    1. Click on My Classes under the Student menu, or in the grey header at the top of the page.
    2. Go to the Inspiration Everywhere class.
    3. Read the introduction, including the supply list.
    4. Consider adding this image to your blog sidebar or to Facebook to help spread the word. I would love your help in reaching as many crafters as we can for this great FREE class! Just right-click on the image and go to "Save Image As" to save and upload it, or "Copy Image Location" to copy the image's location and paste that in to your blog as an image.


    I highly recommend that you purchase my new book, Stories in Hand, which we'll be using in two of our lessons. You can purchase the book online, or find it at your local bookstore. You can also purchase the digital edition for just $6.95. This is NOT required for the class, just a suggestion. :)


    Do I need to have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

    For this class, no - everything will be ready-to-print!

    Will the class be accessible later?

    Yes! The class, just like all of my classes, will be available to you FOREVER from your My Classes page here at


    If you have questions, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ! See you in class!




    Let's Keep in Touch!