Deb Z. wrote us on 10 April 2009:

I just want to thank you for the Digi-in Deep class. I've been using the Adobe product for a really long time. I thought I was pretty good. But, I have LEARNED SO MUCH! The class is phenomenal and your instruction is so good. The step-by-step process is the way I learn best.

Lois Ellis wrote us on 10 April 2009:

I recently finished the Digi in Deep class and have learned so much. I am very computer literate, but Photoshop Elements had me baffled. Your step by step explanations were the perfect way for me to learn to use this powerful program. I have learned so much and have enjoyed the process with your classes. I have recommended you to several friends. I know at least one of them has signed up for one of them. Keep up the good work. I'm ready for Digi in Deeper anytime it's available.

Joan Samuels wrote us on 10 April 2009:

I have had Elements 3,4,5,and 6 and never knew what to do with them,hence buying them opening them up and then total frustration, until I stumbled upon your site and your classes. Having the privilege of being a Beta girl and taking all your classes I am now using CS4 and totally know what I am doing. Of course I have tons more that I can learn and become efficient at but I can't thank you enough for leading me down this road and meeting all these wonderful people on your site. You are AWESOME, Jess.

Lisbet Olofsson wrote us on 10 April 2009:

I have learnt so much. I still learning from all the classes. I just love it.

Marilyn Linsley wrote us on 10 April 2009:

In January I began taking Up and Running with Photoshop and follow it with NWR and DID and now Type & Writer I am amazed at what I have learned the the pages I am able to produce. Jessica you are amazing, every lesson is spot on and with the downloadable companion lesson EVERYONE can be successful. That is the best part of the classes you finished with products to be proud of and share with your friends and family. My husband thinks what I make is terrific. Thanks so much Jessica.

Faith Reynolds wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have completed your 1. "Up & Running with Photoshop" 2. "Now You're Rockin" 3. "Digi in Deep" classes. They all have been outstanding. I would highly recommend these classes. I have learned to use Photoshop and had fun doing it. My blog is loaded with digi pages that I created in the classes and have raving reviews from all my friends.

Jeanne wrote us on 11 April 2009:

What can I say. The classes are phenomenal. They will indeed get you Up and Running and soaring down that digi road. Eight classes later and a swing with my name on it at Spraground and I am forever hooked. Jessica, you ROCK!

Anneliese Truame wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Top 7 reasons JessicaSprague,com rocks: 1. Forever access: I can brush up on a skill even months after I "took" the class. Intermittent learning due to real life intervening? No problem! 2. Great cheerleading: The moderators and forum folks never make me feel stupid as I am learning. This means a lot to me. 3. Totally scrap-centered content: This is a Photoshop experience by and for the discerning scrapper. 4. Beautiful stash! I love the gorgeous papers and freebies. Yum! 5. Video learning: So easy to learn by watching instead of reading and trying to figure out which button is meant. 6. Lol! Friendly, down-to-earth messages that make me laugh! No dry boring lectures. 7. No anti-paper sentiment: Jessica is totally accepting of paper scrappers who dabble in digi, promotes hybrid scrapping, and is perfect for dual scrappers like me who want to do both! 8. Just-in-time instruction: One morning I had 2 adorable but quite dark pics of me and my DD taken that I thought I could save if I just knew what to do in Photoshop. I took Photo Editing 1 and by the afternoon, voila: precious photos saved and blogged and printed! Can't beat that!

Helle Pilgaard Frederiksen wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Hi Jessica. I found you website through a tutorial about blending at a danish sprapsite. I were amazed by all the exciting classes just for digiscrap and photoshop. My two favorite subjects :-) I took Now We're Rocking with Photoshop, Digi in Deep, Oh Shoot, Photo-Editing and for now Type-Write class. And are looking forward to Candices next Photo class (and cross my fingers for registration) and yours Extractions Mega lesson. I've really learned a lot - and I mean A LOT - about Photoshop and Digiscrap. And how to you my dSLR in other positions than Auto. And the Forever Access - priceless!! Thank you, Jessica, for all the great stuff you have brought into my world. The best to you, your family, and your staff.

karen clapham wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have completed quite a few of your classes and at present I am working on Type-Write, Scrapbook Alchemy Episode 1 and Extraction. I have learned so much from these classes and I would highly recommend them to anybody. I look back and see my progression with all the things I have learned to do with my digi layouts. All my friends and family think they are terrific. I love the step by step process that is so easy to follow. Thank you so much Jessica.

Helle Pilgaard Frederiksen wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have been taken NWR, DID, Oh Shoot, Photo-Editing and for the time being Type-Write class. They have all been wonderful and I really learn a lot (and I mean A LOT) about Photoshop, DigiScrap and using my dSLR more effectively. I'm so glad I found your website and classes. The videos are great. I liked when the classes are instructor-lead and you got the new email every day. You and your staff have done a wonderful job. And the Forever Access - priceless. The best to you, your family and your staff.

Louise Buck wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Jessica, 'YOU are awesome' to say the least! Creating photo albums, aka: scrap-booking with embellishments was never so much fun, and now I know why it was so frustrating. Just finishing up the last of the 4 class series, "Up & Running with Photoshop", "Now We're Rockin", "Digi in Deep" & "Type+Writer". It has been a delightful, challenging journey you have taken us on and just proves once again, "You don't know, what you don't know" ... until someone takes you by the hand and shows you a whole new world. This experience has been more than just a series of classes. Thank You!

Cilenia wrote us on 11 April 2009:

My mother has this saying..."I don't know, what I don't know"... and oh how I relate now. I THOUGHT I knew quite a bit about Photoshop and PSE till I took your classes... I was wrong! You have opened up a whole new world to me! Your teaching methods are outstanding!!! Not only have I learned new tricks and shortcuts, but you made me push my limits in design and creating with perfect tutorials and explanations. I have never once not understood what you were meaning for us to do. I have taken NWR, DID, TW, Extraction Mega lesson, Photo Editing and now Alchemy and they were ALL worth every penny. I am amazed at the speed at which I can produce pages now and the white sheet no longer stares at me... I just dive in remembering your lessons. And the BONUS??? Now I'm even designing all my own papers and elements with all the creative goodness you gave. Thank you so much! You have definitely found your calling.

Sue wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Last November I took the Stories In Hand class and I was immediately intrigued. Up until that point, I had been basically muddling my way around Photoshop CS2 for about a year or so and I think that I may have completed one layout in all that time. So I decided to try Up & Running in December and I was totally hooked. I have now taken NWR, DID and I am currently in the April Type + Writer. I also took the self paced Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow in conjunction with the DID class. All I can say is WOW! These classes are absolutely fabulous and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn about or improve digital scrapbooking skills. I am amazed at what I know how to do now and how quickly I can put a layout together. Thank you Jessica!

Paula Bryant wrote us on 11 April 2009:


Cathy wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I've been taking classes on this website since last year and I just can't get enough! I recently purchased the "Extractions" self paced class and I absolutely love it. Jessica is the most creative, knowledgable person I have come across. I'm hoping there are many more of these classes to come. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Lisa Henderson wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have now completed Up & Running with Photoshop, Now You're Rockin', Digi in Deep, Scrapbook Alchemy Episode 1, and I am almost halfway through Type + Writer, and I have loved every minute of it! I have gotten an amazing amount of scrapbooking done, and I find that when I listen to Jess' design rules, I love my layouts!

Linda Hoenstine wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Type+Writer is the fourth class I've taken with you, and I am delighted with the whole experience. Although I was self-taught on PSE6 before I discovered your wonderful classes, I have loved learning new techniques with each class and producing awesome layouts. The tutorials are well designed and easy to follow, and I love the fact that I can go back to them any time I need to refresh my memory. I recommended your classes to my daughter-in-law and a close friend who had begun digi scrapping, and they've both signed up. You've made a friend for life, Jessica!

Gwen Jaeger wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I love the format of your classes. They are very easily structured, so easy to follow.

Stacey Kinney wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I've been using Photoshop for several years (since PS7 came out), completely self-taught by reading books and viewing free tutorials. I just finished Photo Editing and found the workflow to be invaluable. I know my photos will be so much better now. I love Jessica's positive & encouraging teaching style. I learned so many tips & tricks! I only wish I'd had this info when I started. Thank you!

Melanie Duhon wrote us on 11 April 2009:

It may sound corny, but Jessica, you have changed my life. I was an avid paper scrapbooker, with a room full of stuff and a consistent sense of guilt that comes with never being caught up. Now I can make the same beautiful pages in half the time at a fraction of the cost. The best part is I can share them with my family by printing out multiple albums. And it's all because of your wonderful classes. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Garlick wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have just finished Photo editing - Good to Great Work Flow. I thought I was pretty competent at editing photos and knew quite abit about the program but now I realise how much more I could know. This amazing set of lessons blew me away. Jessica did such an amazing job - the classes were so comprehensive and clear. I learnt so much and absolutely enjoyed every second. jessica is so thorough, knowledgable, logical and abviously very talented. The lessons werre outstanding and I could not recommend them more highly to anyone. The classes were aimed at beginner to intermediate PS users. There is so much information that I wonder if a beginner would be overwhelmed. I can't wait to do as many more courses as I possibly can. I live in Australia and obviusly can not attend classes so I would encourage Jessica to make all classes self paced so the rest of the world can enjoy all of her brilliance.

Jessica Decker wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I just completed Candice Stringham's class Oh Shoot!, a beginning photography class (my first class at absolutely loved it! I learned so much and would highly recommend the class to anyone who has a DSLR and wants to get more out of their camera! Candice is extremely knowledgeable and easy to learn from. I enjoyed the chats and forums and being able to ask questions from the instructor and other students. Great class! Can't wait to take more classes!

JoAnne McArdle wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I recently finished the "Up and Running with Photoshop" and am surprised at how easy it is to create a page from scratch with the techniques you teach. You make it really simple. I was stressing over how to learn this program when a friend recommended your class. I will continue with the rest of your classes now and will be a pro before I know it!! You are awesome!

Veronica wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I started with "Up & Running" and I haven't stopped since! I just finished "Digi: In Deep" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since the classes have become "Self-Paced" I don't feel "neglected" in any way! The atmosphere in the chats is wonderful. Everyone is so helpful. I ALWAYS recommend these classes and will continue to do so! Thanks again!!

Dianne Denhem wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I love these classes. I struggled with PSE until I found Jessica's classes. I learned so much with the first class and haven't stopped yet. I think I'm working on my 6th. I love the format of video plus written "cheat sheets". Thank you so much for making all this information available forever in an easy to use format.

Patricia wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I've been a PSE user since version 4 and am now using PSE7, and seem to still be struggling. That is, until I subscribed to Jessica's Photo Editing Class. I hesitated starting at the bottom because of the time I've already been using the program. However, after all the studying, and all the books I've purchased (and used, and followed step-by-step), I'd best start at the beginning. WOW. The clarity of your instructions and explanations, coupled with the best organization (visual awa vocal) I am finally getting it! The cost, for me, on a pension, is tough, but I hope to go through every class. I'm doing my life story with photos accompanied with short essays, and I'm delighted to have found your approach just wonderful. Thank you, Jessica!

pennywhite wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Up and Running is great. I'm haven't progressed very much due to my schedule, but what I have completed has been wonderfully presented. I have already used my new knowledge to help my daughter on a school project! Loving it and can't wait to learn more.

JoAnn Rivers wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I am currently taking my 5th or 6th class from Jessica and once again not only learning but enjoying it along the way. Jessica and team have a talent for teaching and their positive attitudes are a bonus. I not only recommend learning digital scrapbooking from Jessica, but also the products that she has out there. I have never been disappointed with what has her name on it. I have a daughter and daughter-in-law who have just taken up digi scrapping and I am making sure they go to Jessica for classes so their experience will be a good one also.

Robin Coveyou wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I cannot believe how much fun I am having with digital scrapbooking. Me who was so PSE illiterate has become empowered by Jessica's video classes. My only problem now is that my 'day job' is cutting into my JS class time at home. But, that is the beauty of these classes. Once you have have them forever. So for now, I am going along at my own pace (hence self-paced theme) to complete the Type + Writer class and enjoying every minute. I cannot wait to delve into the other classes waiting for me in "My Classes" on Jessica's website. Thanks so much for providing something so much "FUN" to learn and having the support available when further questions need answered. I have so much more to learn about the information available on your website!

meredith rooney wrote us on 11 April 2009:

My scrapbooking life was forever changed the day I signed up for my first digital class [two years ago.] I wasn't sure where it would lead me but eight classes later and I'm hooked. Jessica's classes are always enlightening. The information I learn in one class changes how I approach that next page. As always I look forward to that next class!

Robin Coveyou wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Thanks so much for the informative videos. I really love learning digital scrapbooking. Me who was PSE illiterate have now become empowered with the help JS has provided through her offered classes. The only problem now is that my 'day job' gets in my way of completing JS classes at home. I am taking them my own pace (hence the self-paced theme). The best part is that the videos are something that can be viewed over and over again. I can't wait to delve into the other classes I have waiting for me in "My Classes" at JS website.I am currently working on the Type + Writer course. Writing is something that does not come easily for me, and I believe this course is just the motivation I needed. I have much more to learn about navigating through your site and am looking forward to creating more projects as I become more confident with PSE program. Thanks for all your hard work in passing along so much information, ideas, and support.

Susanna Boyd wrote us on 11 April 2009:

When I bought Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers, it changed my life. I realized that my computer could be a really powerful tool in my scrapbooking and paper crafting life. I learned so much for the Photoshop classes that I started making my own blog banners and ended up starting my own online community. There is nothing as empowering as knowledge. My father's day mini book (from the class on Jessica actually got published! Jessica has a great, patient, easy going style that makes learning easy. I love that I can start and stop the videos while I follow along in Photoshop. I have gone back many times to old class lessons to refresh my memory. Best discovery: when I decided I was ready to move from Photoshop Elements to CS4, all my lessons from past classes were available in that format so I could learn the new software without having to spend any additional money. Now, I want her to teach me how to run my Silhouette die cutter and Adobe Illustrator!

Baloi Valenzuela wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I've had various classes here, the latest one of which is Episode 1 of Scrapbook Alchemy. As always, the tutorials are the awesome, easy to follow and best of all, you can go back to again and again forever.

Christina Smith wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I learned so much from taking this class. Even just the simple ways of moving around Photoshop CS4 that Jessica showed has saved me so much time when I'm creating now. Shortcuts are amazing! I think Jessica is such a great teacher and she's so thorough in how she explains things. I will definitely be taking more and more of her classes. Jessica, you are amazing! Thank you SO much for making these classes available!!

Mary Anne Chevalier wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Thank you for your wonderful classes. I'm finally getting organized with ACDSee, thanks to this class. I'm also taking the Photo Editing class and have learned more in the fist lesson than in several other classes I've taken. I love the 1,2,3 type workflow. I'm also doing the Type+Writer class and am trying my best to keep up. I am enjoying it. I think I'll concentrate on catching up with these, but look forward to trying more of your wonderful classes.

Jeannie Phillips wrote us on 11 April 2009:

Digi In Deep class is the third one I have taken. Jessica's classes are awesome!! I have found a whole new way to enjoy scrapbooking. The digital format allows me to share with family members that are spread all over the USA. It also allows me to send special greetings to my son in boarding school. The best part of digital scrapbooking is the freedom to explore. If you make a mistake or don't like the results, just back up a step and you're good to go. Thanks to Jessica for opening up this whole new creative playground to someone that is not very computer savvy.

Laura Furgason wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I just wanted to learn a few things in Photoshop Elements so I could be a hybrid scrapbooker. I finished Up and Running and one of the Scrapbook Alchemy classes and I'm addicted!!! I absolutely love Jessica's instructions and am amazed at what I've learned to do. I have been totally thrilled with the videos and downloads and all the freebies!! I cannot wait to take more of the Alchemy classes as well as NWR & DID. I purchased the photo editing classes as a gift for a friend but now I have to do it! Thank you for all your inspiration!!! You have such a gift!

Sandy wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I just finished the Photo Editing: Workflow class, which is my second class with Jessica, and of course it was wonderful. Jessica has such an easy way with her teaching. She makes is fun to spend hours in front of a computer. The fact that I can come back and take a refresher of my class it just the best. Thanks for the wonderful tips, they really work.

Mary Shaver wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I just finished the Photo editing: Workflow class, my third class offered at Jessica I find your teaching style very easy to follow and fun. I have not finished the Scrapbook Alchemy class yet but I'm looking forward to savoring the learning time at the computer. Thank you for all that you offer and the freebies that are included.

Susan Gregory wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I have completed UR, NWR, DID, Type Plus Write and the first Scrapbook Alchemy class. As an absolute beginner back in June 08 I am now loving digi - and still love paper. Jessica's style of teaching is just brilliant - thanks so much Jess I'm totally loving learning new things. The only think I'd change is with the new Scrapbook Alchemy - for me - it would be better to have the first 4 classes as one package. Having to sign up for each one individually makes me think twice about whether or not I REALLY need another class. Just my opinion - what do others think? Susanchch

Marguerite Theisen wrote us on 11 April 2009:

I've now taken 5 classes here, and each one of them rocked! I am so impressed with the help available in the forums and the great supplies for each class. I love the video learning, so you can pause it while you click through what you're supposed to do and then move on. I think it's great that when you email you get a reply! Quickly! :-) I've loved all the classes, and I'll continue taking them!

Deb wrote us on 12 April 2009:

I can't tell you how much I have learned from your classes. Since I am strictly a digital scrapbooker, your classes are perfect.I have taken other scrapbooking classes. They have been good. But not nearly as good as yours. I recently finished your photo editing class. It was amazing. The talent you share with your students is beyond generous. Thank you for sharing your skills.

Katie Hyser wrote us on 12 April 2009:

Thank you so much for these fantastic classes. I was a long time paper scrapper before deciding to take the leap into digi. I have a ten month old son and it makes it difficult to haul out my paper supplies to work on a LO. After taking these digi classes, I can just grab my laptop and EHD and get to work without having to worry about clean up. Even after just Up and Running, I felt like I was comfortable enough with PS to design fabulous pages! Thanks Jessica!

Mandi Buchanan wrote us on 12 April 2009:

Jessica is one of the best teachers around. She has broken down all of my digital barriers! I still love paper and goodies, but Photoshop makes things so much easier, especially with Jessica's help!

Dana wrote us on 12 April 2009:

I recently took Jessica's photo editing class. I wasn't sure what to expect since this was my first class here. I couldn't believe how much I learned. I love that she included her photos, the same ones she used in the lessons, so I could follow her video exactly. What a huge difference her techniques make - I feel like a pro!

Claire Viney wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I am not sure how I can put into words just how fantastic the Now We're Rockin' course is. The videos and accompanying notes are so easy to follow. I have learned so much and will definitely sign up to Digi In Deep. Thanks a million Jessica.

Jewelleen wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I have enjoyed every class I've taken here. I have especially enjoyed the Scrapbooking Alchemy class, since I still like getting a little messy! Looking forward to more of these classes. It's reassuring that all the class materials are available forever, I refer back to tasks regularly. I lurk in the forums, and there is always a wealth of information and encouragement there. I'm so glad I found my grown up playground!

Claudine Geisel wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I knew nothing about digital scrapbooking and I thought I would never learn Photoshop Elements. I was skeptical when I purchased Jessica's "Up and Running", but it is amazing! I actually have learned how to make digital pages. I am so happy at what I can now do. It is so much fun now. Her instructions are so good but the best part is if I forget I can still go back and review as often as I want to. I just love her classes and I have already signed up for more.Thanks so much!

Jana Holden wrote us on 13 April 2009:

June, 2007.......this is when I, along with many others,crashed Jessica's server! A night we Beta Girls will always treasure & never forget! That was the beginning of this fabulous journey with Jessica over to the dark side & beyond. A journey that has given me invaluable knowledge & experiences using Photoshop. A journey that has blessed me with invaluable friends better known as Sistahs on the Spraground as well as in real life! Spraguefest in Chicago last year was a highlight in my life! Jessica's infinite knowledge, her passion for scrapbooking/telling stories along with her amazing teaching techniques have given me more than I could have ever imagined when I first signed up for a class! So far, I've taken all of her personal classes and will take any she offers! There's always something new to learn and Jessica & Jared continue to update this website and feed our inquiring minds with excitement! has become my 2nd home and I love it here! Thanks Jessica for everything! You too Jared! You both are quite the amazing team!

Debbie Michael wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I cannot say enough about how much I have learned taking theese classes. I started out trial and error... but with Jessicas classes the error is not there any more.I feel comfortable in trying new things and get excited when it works. I feel Jessicas classes have expanded my horizons and can not wait for digi in deeper! If any one is sitting on the fence about theese classes...I say jump right in and you be glad you did.

Jeanne Bancroft wrote us on 13 April 2009:

Jessica's classes have been the answers to the questions I have had regarding "How do you....?" for way too long. I have been on a never ending search for books & magazines to get me going on my digital scrapping journey.... who knew? The answers to my quest were right here in the Spraground! I've been through Up & Running, Now We're Rockin', and Digi in Deep... am now onto Type+Writer, and I purchased the first class of Scrapbook Alchemy. I love that I can take these classes at my own pace, and when life gets in the way, they are there waiting for me when I am ready to go again. Having the classes "forever" is awesome... and the class supplements provide superior help. Jessica.... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Nicole Anderson wrote us on 13 April 2009:

Jessica's classes are the perfect format for learning detailed Photoshop tools in organized tutorials. I have taken all three Scrapbooking photoshop classes and am currently working on Photo Editing. The video tutorials are awesome for learning how to use the techniques and the companion notes remain a great resource when I'm trying new pages on my own. I recommend Jessica's classes to everyone that asks about my pictures and scrapbook pages. Thanks so much Jessica for offering fabulous lessons!

Paulette Mcintosh wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I'm a little too busy right now to do much scrapping but I've worked through Up & Running and grabbed Now We're Rockin', and Digi in Deep as soon as they became available for self paced I also bought two of the Scrapbook Alchemy classes. I love the way that Jessica teaches, and check in to the Spraground whenever I get a moment.

Tracy Kosofsky wrote us on 13 April 2009:

When I discovered Jessica's site late in 2008 (upon a friend's recommendation), I had been digi scrapping for about a year and considered myself intermediate to advanced. I went back to the beginning and bought the series (Up and Running, Now We're Rockin', Digi: In Deep) and I have learned SO MUCH - not just about how to speed up my scrapping (and wow, let me tell you about the hints, tricks and shortcuts I've learned!!!) but also about solid design principles and how to give my layouts that little bit extra that really make them stand out. I have my class wish list and I think I will end up taking every class Jessica offers - they're just that good, with something in them for EVERY scrapper. I just wish I had the time to take them all NOW!!!

Meg Stocks wrote us on 13 April 2009:

Overall, I learn something new here each & every day. I am humbled by the generous spirit and creativity in this community every time I log on. For classes: Up & Running changed my life! Having always been a traditional paper scrapper but frustrated at the bulk, the time, the expense (1 family & 3 kid albums add up!), going to digi was a natural progression. Even though I work for a website design firm (i.e. Photoshop Central), it took CKU Houston in June '08 and then UNR to really get me going. I've taken all but 2 classes offered here and personally think that Jessica & friends are the greatest gift to the digiscrap community since the mouse! Being able to go back & review the classes and also to get feedback from your fellow Spragmates is just invaluable. Thank you Jessica, Jared, Liv & Molly for sharing your gifts with us!

Ann Daly wrote us on 13 April 2009:

Jessica Sprague is my hero! I started scrapbooking at an advanced age...and digital scrapbooking at an even more advanced age. She is patient and kind. Us oldsters need both those qualities in a teacher and a friend. I count her as both. My family is the beneficiary of her ability to inspire me and make me a better person and memory keeper. Thanks Jess and blessings to you and yours.

Christine Larson wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I just took my first ever class from Jessica...Scrapbooking Alchemy and I am impressed! It was so much fun and I learned a ton! Now I have a list of all the classes I want to take! Thanks so much!

Joann wrote us on 13 April 2009:

I can't get enough of all the digi goodness here. I have taken Up & Running, Now We're Rockin', Digi: In Deep, Getting Organized with ACDSee, Photo Editing Good to Great Workflow, Scrapbook Alchemy( the first 2), Curved Journaling Strips Page, Stories in Hand, and I'm in the middle of Type+Writer and the Magic Extraction class. I have had wonderful experiences with all of them. Jessica, Liv and Heidi are all EXCELLENT teachers and the material presented will WOW you. And the best is that you know that you can go back and refer to the class material whenever/forever. Also as an added bonus, you get to meet and be supported by a great group of 'classmates' through the forums. And last, but not least, there is always great digi supplies that are part of the classes and surprise freebies along the way. Ya can't go wrong.

Amy Roberts wrote us on 14 April 2009:

Jessica's classes are awesome! I love being able to go back to a technique when I've forgotten something cool I learned in one of the classes. I also have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the Type Writer class, I got it because I had bought the package deal and didn't think I would find it useful... but boy was I wrong! This class has stimulated me in ways I couldn't begin to imagine and I definitely am a better story teller than I was before ... I love all of the ideas and creativity Jessica puts into her classes! Thanks Jessica!

Sheryl Hall wrote us on 14 April 2009:

I could follow simple step-by-step instructions before taking Jessica's classes but didn't understand what I was doing and why. Each time I take a class with her I remember a bit more and I go back and use my past lessons all of the time on my own projects! Understanding the process makes remembering the steps much easier. I may never be a digi whiz but at least I have the resources available to use any time I want them! I love that so much about Jessica's classes, the permenant availability!! Thanks Jessica for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us share our family story with those we love.

Sandi Malloy wrote us on 14 April 2009:

Jessica's classes are superb! I fumbled about with PSE for 2 years until I heard about the classes here. I feel so empowered with digi since I've taken a couple of these classes. There are definitely more of Jessica's classes in my future. First, I'm saving for PSE7 which I really want in order to take full advantage of all the learning opportunities. Thanks a million Jessica :)

Tamara Payne wrote us on 14 April 2009:

I took a Photoshop 3 night course at the local Junior College recently, and while I learned a few trick about editing photos, it wasn't at all what I wanted to get out of Photoshop Elements. After checking out the website and pondering it for a bit, I attended a scrapbook convention where someone gave Jessica rave reviews. I signed up and finished Up & Running Class in about 8 days and absolutely loved it! I am so excited about all I've learned and cannot wait to start the Now We're Rockin' class, especially now that it's gone self-paced. I find myself checking the forum often hoping to glean just a little bit more. Now if only I could break into the other talk forums.....

Sandi Keene wrote us on 15 April 2009:

I am just completing Type + Writer. This is my sixth class with Jessica. I was a complete newbie and shaking at my keyboard when I started the first class but now I am confident in my skills. I have learned SO much. Love the format, the videos and the content. And T+W is my favorite class so far! I love every day that starts with an email in my inbox from Jessica. Be Brave, sign up, and welcome to the world of digi and hybrid... you're going to love it.

Donna Davis wrote us on 15 April 2009:

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again, I think you're awesome. I'm a rookie digi- scrapper and in addition to purchasing two of the Scrapbooking Alchemy classes I have all three Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking magazines. I've printed most of the online tutorials (I have my own Jessica Sprague binder) and have purchased templates & downloaded freebie kits etc... I've found digi-scrapping so much easier and quicker with your help & the convenience of accessing my classes at my own pace. You know what else is cool??!!! it's the trick of making a selection, filling the selection with color and clipping a photo or pattern paper by way of a clipping mask, no more cropping photos for me. I could go on & on, but thanks Jessica, I'm a fan for life.

Linda Mortensen wrote us on 15 April 2009:

I love, love, love Jessica's classes! I have learned so much in the digi world. She brings so much to the table about memories and the legacy we will leave for our posterity. I have taken every class that I can get my hand on and can't wait till the next one starts. But what I really love is the fact that I can always go back and brush up on a technique that I have forgotten. Her positive and uplifting approach is really a service that she provides for all us. I too, cannot say enough about how thrilled I am to be a part of Jessica's digi community.

Candice Warnke wrote us on 15 April 2009:

This is by far the best money I have spent in quite some time! Jessica is a wonderful instructor and explains things slowly and in basic terms. I would recommend her courses to anyone who wants to learn Photoshop and or digital scrapbooking.

Hope Yannarell wrote us on 15 April 2009:

I have enjoyed all my digital classes with Jessica! I am so excited that she has made Digi in Deep available to take at your own pace. I waited for many months to take this class and I felt like (DID) this class was "on my own" (sorry Jessica) When it became available "live". Her classes are great "live" and "self paced". So, it really does not matter if she's there b/c the other students are so helpful. If you have a concern or ask a question someone will get back to you including Jessica. Jessica stands behind her product. I like that I can go back and retake the classes. I just upgraded to Photoshop CS4 from PSE 6.0 and I love it that I can retake them all again and again FOREVER!

Lucy O'Malley-Powter wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I have taken almost every class on offer at the "Spagueground" I have never been disappointed, nor has the classes been overwheleming. Jessica shares so in each class, the instructions are that clear and simple to follow, I completed each task with ease. I am now a passionate Digi and some times hybrid scrapper! that knows how to use a computer program like Photoshop Elements to my advantage to enhance my Digi & Paper scrapping. Each class has been value for money, in fact in each class there has always been that something else to learn that I can't wait for a new class to hit the forum boards so that I don't miss out. I Love were learning from Jessica has taken me in my scrappy life. But most important to me is the forums that you get to join at each class, has been a very happy place to learn. Big hugs to the Sprague Team xxx :):):)

Karen Johnson wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I just took my first "Jessica Class", Episode 1 of Scrapbook Alchemy. I decided to go ahead and give it a go because there was a special pricing on it. All I can say is "WOW"! It was so professionally shot. I felt like I was having my own personal class with Jessica. About the same time I took the Scrapbook Alchemy class I tried another online class. There was no comparison in quality. I will be back to learn more! Thank you Jessica for a wonderful class and your fabulous customer service too! I love ""!!!

Laura Carbonneau wrote us on 16 April 2009:

Everything I know about Photoshop Elements I learned from First it started with Photoshop Fridays...and now after taking a couple of classes I am absolutely addicted to learning more. I love the results I'm getting - now to go decide which class to take next...

Brenda Bolton wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I recently purchased the Scrapbook Alchemy series and am most enjoying. I love being able to use the computer and then do the paper scrapping--the best of both scrapbooking worlds, paper and digi. Thanks!

Rianne Schellekens wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I have photoshop elements on my computer for more then a year now, but didn't do anything with it till now. To difficult I thaught. Then I saw on a scrappersblog a tip for "stories in hand". So I did. And then saw the classes about digital scrapping. Yes, Up and Running. Loved that! So now I am doing NWR and I love it even more. I am learning so so much. And I even love photoshop now. I can go back at the video's at much as I need. Thanks, and planning to follow much much more classes. Love the way Jessica explains all.

Lisa Banner wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I was on another website using tutorials by Jessica when they went away and I couldn't get any more. I was mystified and sad because her's were my favorite but it occurred to me that she might have a website of her own. I googled her name and my search was rewarded by discovering Spragueland! After doing the "Up and Running" class in one weekend, I waited patiently for "Now We are Rockin'" to go self-paced. Now, I'm having a blast with that class too! Thank you so much Jessica!

Mandi Buchanan wrote us on 16 April 2009:

I love Jessica's new templates. They are so classy, easy to use and have lots of goodies to add to other projects too!!

Mary wrote us on 16 April 2009:

Awesome classes!!! Once you've taken one class you can't stop. You want to learn more and more . She has a great personality, full of creativity and genius ideas and that reflects in her classes as well. I found Jessica online in December 2007 and since then a day doesn't go by without checking her blog and website for more tips and some reading as well :) . I took her NWR - Alumni class and DID, and now I am doing the Photo Editing -:Good to Great Workflow and Extraction Secrets. I missed registration for Type + Write but I am going to take it next round for sure. You learn the best techniques for Photoshop and design but what is most precious to me is that she is continuously reminding me why I got into scrapbooking in the first.

Traci Brennan wrote us on 17 April 2009:

I've been Photoshopping for several years...and I have learned more from Jessica than from anywhere else! Jess, you rock! I have taken all your advanced classes and I just can't say enough about your teaching methods. They are so clear and easy to follow. But more than that, your artistic vision is what I value most. It has opened my eyes to a whole new philosophy of design....and for that, I cannot thank you enough!

Janet Ballingham wrote us on 17 April 2009:

I want to thank you for your great teaching. Every class continues to add skills. I love the fact that it is going to always be available to me so I can go back and review and pick up the pieces I have not realized yet that I didn't catch. Thank you for your great teaching technique and for the wonderful products that go along with the classes.

Lori Heidelberger wrote us on 17 April 2009:

I just loved Candice's class Oh Shoot! I didn't know my camera could do so much. I have read the users manual many times but it never really made sense to me. Candice did a great job with her printable lessons and videos. I am so excited to use my camera like it is new again. Thanks Candice for this awesome class I can't wait to see what class you come up with next. Your feedback was great so we know what someone else saw and what we can still work on.

Faith Reynolds wrote us on 18 April 2009:

You have my highest recommendation to take classes and purchase products from I have taken quite a few classes from I've taken: Up and Running with Photoshop Course,Now We're Rockin' With Photoshop, Digi: In Deep - Photoshop, Extraction Secrets Mega-Lesson, and Photo Editing Classes from Jessica. Each class was outstanding. Not only have I learned how to digi scrap but I have learned how to use Photoshop. The classes have been fun too. I also took Oh Shoot! Diital Photography class from Candice Stringham on Jessica's site and now can use my DSLR camera!

Laura Payne wrote us on 18 April 2009:

EVERYONE knows how much I love taking classes with Jessica! I've taken all the digital classes up to Scrapbook Alchemy and I've started that series! 2 CKUs as well! The cool thing is that the skills I've learned are helping me create a professionl program for this year's senior play. No more distorted pictures. Clipping Masks Rule!! Love Ya!

Doris Jackson wrote us on 18 April 2009:

I lovedthe Photo Editing: Workflow class, my first class with Jessica. Being able to review it many times has helped build my confidence. She makes everything so clear. I look forward to taking my photos "good to great".

Jennifer Garlick wrote us on 19 April 2009:

I have just completed 'Up and Rocking with Photoshop 2' and Digi In Deep. Both classes are exceptional and absolutely amazing. I could not recommend them more highly to anyone - well done Jessica it is a joy to do such amazing classes. I love the fact that I can revisit the classes and I have watched each one three times and I am still discovering new things in each class. Thank you

Stella Randall wrote us on 19 April 2009:

I have been using PhotoShop Elements for a while without really knowing what I was doing. The Photo Editing Good to Great Workflow class provided the structure that I needed to work quickly and efficiently through the mountain of photos I took during a recent trip to China. I have to admit I was dreading the thought of processing such a large number of pictures but having completed the class I am now sorting them them with an alacrity and confidence I never thought possible - thank you.

Paula Rehkemper wrote us on 19 April 2009:

I just started Up and Running and I love the way the tutorials are set up. Unexpecting anything but lessons, I got free stuff and loads of ideas for organizing my digital scraps. So far so good. I was trying to learn Paint Shop Pro for along time on my own through manuals and magazines. I gave up and decided to try a download of PSE7 and give Jessica a whirl. After using Jessica's tutorial, I was hooked. She made it all so effortless. Needless to say, I ordered the full version of PSE and ACDSee. I can't wait to learn more and take all of Jessica's classes. She is the BEST! I highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to try and learn this new digi world! Thank you Jessica for a long awaited solution!

Amanda Chisholm wrote us on 19 April 2009:

Thanks so much to my friend for introducing me to Jessica's workshops - they are great. Love the tutorials, so easy to follow. I was really thrilled with my layouts at the end.

Stephanie Blanchette wrote us on 19 April 2009:

I knew a how do a ency weency bit in Elements when I signed up for Up & Running. After just Lesson 1, I have my 1st Digital page done and I was able to apply what I learned to another project I was working on! I am so excited I just can't stand it. Moving on to Lesson2, I can't imagine what I will be able to do next! Thank you so much for setting me free! :)

Valerie wrote us on 20 April 2009:

I absolutely love all the classes Jessica offers. I have taken NWR, DID, Type+Writer, ACDSee, and Stories in Hand. I have learned so many new things from every class. Even though I started dabbling in digi scrapping in the fall of 2005, I feel I have truly ramped up my learning over the past 9 months through Jess' classes. I am thrilled that I can access my classes forever. So, when I need to go back and get a refresher on a technique, there it is - still available. Jess has a wonderful way of teaching with her videos and Liv's class notes really help me with the material. I also have my own Jessica binder filled with PSF tutorials, and I own all three of her Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking magazines. I am so happy to be a part of the Spragueground community. My hat's off to everyone involved. I can't wait to see what I can try next. (And, I'm almost 60, so Jess proves you CAN teach an old dog new tricks).

Monica Ellis wrote us on 22 April 2009:

I have taken 8 of Jessica's classes and the mystery of trying figure out how photoshop worked is a thing of the past. I started with PSE5,6,&7, and now I just recently purchased CS4. I couldn't come this for without these classes. I grew tried of putting a 4x6 on a page and seeing what the digi world have to offer took me to new heights. Jessica's teaching style is in a class of it's own, and her support is incredible. I couldn't go to a junior college to learn what I've learned because I don't have a baby sitter.I hope to see more classes in the future and maybe just maybe a full version course.

Jennifer wrote us on 22 April 2009:

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching and your passion for memory keeping. I have learned so much by the way you teach your classes step by step. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

Roxanne wrote us on 24 April 2009:

Your classes are awesome and what makes them even more special is that I can go over the videos and lessons as many times as I want whenever I want. I like the fact that you put in extra assignments as well as the more I can redo something the more it will stick with me. This is my first class of many that I will be taking. Thank you

Paulette Mcintosh wrote us on 25 April 2009:

Love the way Jessica teaches, I'm learning heaps. I'm working my way through U&R, NWR, DID and ACDSee, so much to do - so little time. Thanks so much.

Patricia Plucker wrote us on 25 April 2009:

Dear Jessica and family! Thank you so very much for taking the time, energy, and effort necessary to produce these awesome classes! Your method of teaching is, by far the BEST I have ever experienced through an online class. The videos are precise, exact and THEY DELIVER!!! I got what I paid for and SO VERY MUCH MORE! And, I can return at my own whim whenever I need to refresh a lesson! I will be a follower of as long as my fingers can hit "enter."

Amber Fay wrote us on 26 April 2009:

I am so happy to have come across this website and to have taken advantage of all of the great classes that it has to offer. I am learning so much and Jessica's teaching style makes it amazingly easy and simple to follow along. Thanks again!

Cheryl McCain wrote us on 27 April 2009:

I am currently taking your "Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow" course and LOVE everything I'm learning. My so-so photos now POP because of your easy-to-follow videos and teaching! Thanks Jess, you're a great instructor!

Gladys Hedaya wrote us on 28 April 2009:

What can I say...These are the best classes for learning photoshop and digital scrapbooking. Jessica knows how to teach photoshop and photo-editing in a simple, methodical and non-intimidating way. I walked away confident in my abilities to scrapbook and photo edit digitally!! Jessica is also so generous with her freebies, design tips, and her love for teaching. I also looked forward to her warm, daily e-mails. I highly recommend Jessica's classes!

barb marshall wrote us on 30 April 2009:

I had no idea how much my (scrapping) life would change in March 2008. It was my first day of Up and Running. I was nervous as I watched that first video. Can I do this? Yes I can! The videos are well thought out, clear, concise, and FUN! I've had so many Ah-Ha moments while taking all of Jessica's classes. It's an adventure that results in a real sense of accomplishment. The support on the forums is fantastic too. There's a wonderful group of people here, at the playground. Thanks Jess and the rest of the team! Keep up the good work.

Susan Brennan wrote us on 01 May 2009:

I've taken sooo many classes on this website. I've loved them all and have recommended them to my friends. I've also referred customers (I work at Archiver's) who are interested in breaking into digital scrapbooking. I spent about a year exploring all the ways one can learn digi and tested other sites' video lessons. Jessica's are the best. The type+writer class has taken my scrapbooking into a much more meaningful direction.

Melinda Thompson wrote us on 02 May 2009:

I love it love it love it!!!! Thank you for the step by stpe videos! You are a great teacher.

Carolyn Trull wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I have just started hybrid scrapping and have taken your Scrapbook Alchemy Episode 1 class. This is such a great class for someone like me new to hybrid scrapping. Your video is excellent. Your instructions are easy to follow and I have enjoyed doing this class. Also love that it is self-paced. Looking forward to taking some more of your great classes.

Yolanda Green wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I love your classes! So easy to understand and follow. Every class that I have taken has been great!

Tammy Conlan wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I just finished taking your "Photo Editing: Good to Great Workflow" class and I have to say, "wow!" It completely changed how (and how well) I open and edit my photos. By lesson two, I was completely blown away with how much info I was learning that was brand new to me (even after using PS for several years). I had always been doing everything the hard way! Thank you for offering such a great class that was packed with so much valuable information.

Connee Morris wrote us on 03 May 2009:

Can't say enough about all of the classes at I have learned so much and look forward to learning more in future classes. We are never to old to learn. The classes are very easy to follow. Great experience.

Julia Stainton wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I have to tell you, since I took my first digital class from Jessica Sprague 8 months ago...I've been seriously hooked. I had dabbled in digital scrapbooking and PSE slowly teaching myself over the previous months. I took the Up and Running class in four days and learned more in that short time than I had in the previous months on my own. Then came Now We're Rocking and Digi in Deep. I've also taken the photo editing, and then Type + Writer. I love these classes. Most recently I took Candace's Oh Shoot class and am excited to be starting Portraiture shortly. I can't wait to see what's up next. Bring it on!

Karen Bradley wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I started out a couple of months ago with Digi in Deep. I have used CS3 for several years now and prefer that over Elements for scrapbooking. I was a little afraid that I would not be experienced enough for that level of class. Was I wrong! With the details in Jessica's teaching and the great videos, I think anyone could take this class. since that time I have signed up for several more classes, including Type + Writer, Getting Organized with ACDSEE, Photo Editing:Good to Great Workflow and Scrapbook Alchemy: Episode 1 and one due to start tomorrow Portrait Photography with Candice Stringham . I love the teaching styles, but even more, I love the layouts we have completed. I have learned so much more than any other digital classes I have taken and I love that you have them to refer to forever! That is a big plus. Keep up the amazing work, you are an incredible and talented team!

Barbara Holland wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I recently took a Candice Stringham class called "Oh Shoot!" and I loved it. She is a great teacher, easy to understand and she keeps the class fun and interesting. I liked the class so much I just signed up to take another one with her! Would recommend the class to anyone who loves photography and is looking to learn how to use her/his camera to the fullest.

Rochelle Heyboer wrote us on 03 May 2009:

I loved the Photo Editing: Good to Great workflow class! Thanks!

Liz Walker wrote us on 04 May 2009:

I loved every minute of the Digi in Deep: Advanced class last year, I learnt so much and created some of my favourite layouts. I've just signed up for Portrait Photography with Candice Stringham and can't wait!!

Lois Ellis wrote us on 04 May 2009:

Everything I have ordered from your site has been first class all the way. Even when I had mis-placed things, you were right there to help me out. Love your products. Keep up the good work. I have been totally converted to the Dark Side.

Aisha Khan wrote us on 04 May 2009:

A friend of mine suggested I check out Jessica's website and try some of her classes. I signed up and completed the Good-to-Great Workflow class, and I can honestly say I learned more in that class than I would have learned in a semester class at a local college! I have used Photoshop for many years without any formal training because all the classes were too expensive. Jessica has made it affordable, fun, creative and extremely easy to learn. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I am signed up for some more classes and plan to take just about every one of them! Thank you!

andi dickson wrote us on 06 May 2009:

After getting so frustrated trying to follow all the tutorials around the web, I decided to try Up & Running with Photoshop just to see if I could learn to use it! This class was awesome! Within minutes I figured out most of what my problems were, and the rest of the class was just awesome! I can't wait to take the next one!

Laura Furgason wrote us on 06 May 2009:

Just finished the photo editing class and loved it! I learn more as I watch the videos over and over. Jessica's teaching style is so inspiring! Thank you!

Kelly Edmondson wrote us on 06 May 2009:

In March I took "Oh Shoot!" with Candice Stringham. I HIGHLY recommend it! I am proud to say that I am a full manual user now. No more pulling out a nice camera to only use it auto. Her class was jam packed full of everything and more I needed to learn in order to use my camera correctly. She was also very helpful in answering and commenting on any questions or concerns. I'm excited that I've started her portrait class this week and just added Jessica's photo editing class. It's so wonderful to learn these invaluable skills from my home and to be able to access them at any time. Thank you Jessica and Candice!

Sibylle Marcoccia wrote us on 06 May 2009:

I took a class from Candice Stringham (and Jessica) at a CK CPR weekend in San Jose. I fell in love with Candice's photography style. I took the Oh Shoot class, because even though I had learned the previously how to use the creative modes from my camera, I was far from understanding them (and far from using them properly). Working 50 hour plus weeks and spending time with my family leaves little time for me, so I didn't participate much in the chats and the gallery and forums.... But, MAN, did I learn a lot. Even though I'd go through a couple lessons at a time, I just soaked it up. It has helped me so much in my personal photography. My favorite part was not only knowing how to use the different modes on my camera, but understanding how the inner workings are. That understanding has opened a new world for me. I haven't set my camera on that little green box since. I'm psyched now to be in the portrait class. And ofcourse in Jessica's photo editing class to rock out my new pictures. LOVE IT. Thanks, Jessica and Candice

Mark Heflin wrote us on 06 May 2009:

Candice Rocks! I've had my DSLR for several years and never took it off "auto." Now I'm impressing friends and relatives with my photo knowledge. I loved everything about "Oh Shoot" and recommend it to everyone.

Donna Goss wrote us on 06 May 2009:

Great class! Jessica really does a good job of explaining the steps and it having a PDF printout is wonderful too. I will be signing up for more online classes from her.

Candace M. Wilke wrote us on 07 May 2009:

I have taken all of Jessica's classes and I have learned so much from her and this website. One thing that I especially love about her classes are that they are video-based. Not only can we "read" the class notes, but we can also see what's going on and follow along step-by-step. Another bonus, EVERYONE is so friendly and usually someone has an answer to your question/problem.

Tiffany Few wrote us on 08 May 2009:

Just want to say that I absolutely love the classes. I am learning so quickly and I just think that Jessica is so blessed and so awesome. Thank you.

Marie wrote us on 10 May 2009:

I've tqaken many online digital scrapbooking classes and...hands down...Jessica Sprague and everything else on this website is much, much better than "the others". Keep these wonderful classes coming. I will always "wait in line" to sign up! Thank you all so very, very much!!

Paula Burns wrote us on 28 June 2009:

Absolutely love Jessica Sprague! I just finished my first class with her and I cannot wait to get started on Digital Scrapbooking! Thank you so much!

Cynthia Pettigrew wrote us on 28 June 2009:

This has been an amazing learning journey! One that has been easy and challenging! One that I am so thankful for having the nerve to take. I started with the very first class and have taken them all (except Shoebox and ACDC) and have found that each lesson was easy to understand. What I like best about the classes is that Jessica doesn't assume you are familiar with the Photoshop Elements or CS3/CS4 applications. She leads you through the process step by step, which insures your success! Thank you Jessica! Hugs!

Tamara Davis wrote us on 28 June 2009:

I just grabbed some more templates - I love those things! Especially the "extras" that come with them. Makes it easy to design coordinating pages. So far I've taken Up & Running and Photo Editing, I just bought Now We're Rockin' & digi in Deep & Type Writer... can't wait to get started. This website is the greatest website I've ever known! I can't wait to take all of the classes... and buy all the templates.

Karen Lowery wrote us on 28 June 2009:

I just finished my first class re: organizing in ACDSee. When I found her class, I knew that I would purchase the ACDSee product. I loved her tut's. It really helped the learning curve. I am also scheduled for her photo editing class and am anxious for that. I learn something daily. Thanks again for a great class.

Dianne Denhem wrote us on 28 June 2009:

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful door to the world of digi scrapping. I love the classes and the amazing products you are providing. Keep up the good work. I still need to learn how to use my Bamboo tablet, so would appreciate a class on that (hint, hint).

Cynthia wrote us on 28 June 2009:

I loved the tutorial on photo enhancing. I learned so many things. Keep writing these tutorials about the power of photoshop. I learned so much in just one class.

Kat wrote us on 28 June 2009:

I am working my way through the class, Photo editing: Good-to-Great Workflow and I've learned a lot already. I love the way everything is pointed out on the Photoshop page so that I can follow along easily. And the instructions are clear and reinforced well. I cannot wait to use my new skills on my photos for scrapping and posting. Thanks Jessica! I think next I may be taking the "Oh Shoot!" class.

Jan Roberts wrote us on 29 June 2009:

I've been digital scrapbooking about 4 years & wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money for the classess, but am so glad I did. I've taken the Extraction Secrets-Mega Lesson and am in the process of taking Digi-In Deep and Now We're Rockin'. It's so much fun doing these classes at your own pace, having access to them forever, and picking up soooo many wonderful tips. Jessica has a gift for teaching in a format that is easy to understand, not to mention gleaning from her artistic talent in layouts. I recommend this site to all of my friends and family that are interested in gaining more knowledge of Photoshop or digital scrapbooking.

Lørna Hejl wrote us on 29 June 2009:

I bought ACDsee Photo Manager a few months back with big intentions, but somehow I could not get the hang of it... Then by chance I saw the class on Organization with ACDsee and I went for it. The best thing I have ever done... It has become so easy to find my scrap-kits and photos. This is not the last class I attend from!

Janet Ballingham wrote us on 29 June 2009:

Recently I purchased a class not for myself but for my husband. He has only begun using the computer but is progressing rather well. He had many photos that he downloaded from his camera and was really have a tough time finding them so I thought he couls use the ACDSee class and learn how to use that software. When I ordered it I did it incorrectly, so I had an occasion to write to see if I could get it corrected. Basically I was asked what I wanted the class for. When I explained who and what it was for I was amazed at the length this team went to in order to make sure my husband was in the right class. He is signed up for the Picasa class and I believe this is a much better fit for him. Jessica you and your people are absolutely awesome!

Donna Davis wrote us on 29 June 2009:

If it wasn't for Jessica's classes & Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking Magazines, I probably would not be digi- scrapbooking, or at least not with the ease and frequency that I do now. I enjoy learning at my own pace and the materials are available forever. This is my one stop place for everything I need to complete layouts, meet new people, shop for supplies, answer to questions etc... Thanks Again for sharing your knowledge and your time!

Carla Jennings wrote us on 29 June 2009:

I got PSE7 for Christmas. I didn't know where to even start using it. I had already taken the stories in hand course so i decided to give the up and running with photoshop class a try. I loved it! I have learned so much. Since then I have also taken a couple of the scrapbooking alchemy classes and the photo editing class. I am getting ready to take my skills to a new level with the Now We're Rockin class. I cant wait to see what Jessica comes up with next! Thanks for some great classes.

Doris Jackson wrote us on 30 June 2009:

I'm still a newbie to digi scrapbooking, but far enough along to need my supplies organized! Molly's class on Piscasa and online support has been absolutely wonderful. I can't believe the amount of supplies I have accumulated; but now I can actally SEE them and access them easily. Thanks Molly/Jessica

Allyson Gunnell wrote us on 30 June 2009:

I absolutely love Jessica's templates. The classes she offers are equally amazing! Thank you so much for great products and classes. I haven't met your equal anywhere on the web!!! Thanks again!

Jenny wrote us on 01 July 2009:

I love the format of your classes. They're so well set out and easy to follow. I have learned so much and appreciate that I can go back over older classes. Thank you very much.

Emily Burns wrote us on 01 July 2009:

Why did I wait so long to try one of your classes?!! This is just what I needed. I've tried books, magazines, and even another online class and none came close to helping me as much as Jessica has. I purchased the Photo Editing class and the Now We're Rocking class and am amazed at the quality and how much I've learned in the first couple of lessons I've done from each. This is so much fun!

Rachel Rerko wrote us on 01 July 2009:

I am currently taking the Digi in Deep class and I LOVE it! I was hesitant at first due to the cost, but I am only through lesson #1 and I have learned so much! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who loves digital scrapbooking. I will be taking more classes in the future! Thank you!

Happy Nat wrote us on 02 July 2009:

Up & Running class is awesome, it gives me the tools I need to develop my basic digital scrapbooking skills. I have been playing with PSE every evening and am getting more at ease with this program; I know that there are tons to learn and know about this amazing program; I trust Jessica Spague classes to help me on this journey. I am recommending these classes and product to everyone I know. Thank you Jessica and your team for all the tips, tutorials, freebies and for your enthusiasm. YOU ROCK!!! Happy digi / hybrid scrapbooking to all (thanks to Jessica)!

Jill DiMartino wrote us on 02 July 2009:

I love love love all these classes! I am on my third and already signed up for 2 more! I am so thankful for this site and for Jessica! I do not know how I would have ever learned all this without this site! Thank you!

Vivian wrote us on 03 July 2009:

I just recently started the Up and Running class. I love the way the classes are done. I really like that I can work at my own pace and not be pressured to hurry through and keep up even when I don't understand. I really appreciate the fact that the course will always be here for me and I can come back again and again when I do forget or need help. Jessica goes above and beyond by providing plenty of course materials. The folks on the forums are always ready to help. This entire site is hands down, THE BEST.

Elizabeth wrote us on 04 July 2009:

Since Jessica started offering her templates for sale in the Shop, I have deleted most of the others I had in my stash. I probably use Jessica's 99% of the time when I need a template. There is nothing better out there.

Lesley wrote us on 04 July 2009:

The classes have been fantastic so far, and I've learned so much already. I have also recommended this site to a number of my friends as they are keen to get up and running too!!

Bedie Price wrote us on 04 July 2009:

I love all of Jessica's classes. I can't believe everything I have learned and continue to learn on this site. I love the message board where everyone is helpful and friendly. Digital scrapbooking has given me a chance to record my children's lives. My children love to look back at the pages and remember some of the fun things we have done.

Beth wrote us on 04 July 2009:

Jessica's birthday bash was what got me started! The freebies were for digital scrapping, which I downloaded for "that time in the future when I would learn how" to digi-scrap! Then when I saw the 20% off the course, I decided to try it out! Unbelievable how Jessica makes it so easy! She even gives you a cheat sheet to use after you are finished with that lesson and on to the next! I look forward to lessons 2-4 and also to the next course! THANKS Jessica, I think you are awesome!

Loraine wrote us on 05 July 2009:

I have been trying to learn digi scrapbooking for the past year and was more confused than ever. The lessons that I have purchased here have opened a whole new world for me. After doing the lessons I understand what I am doing and am actually making pages one after another. Excellent job on the lessons as they are very, very well done. Thanks for all of the freebie’s that go with the lessons, they are great. I would definitely recommend your lessons and site.

Deborah Dow wrote us on 05 July 2009:

I love all your classes, you are so calm and you go thru everything so thoroughly. I have learned so much and I really appreciate the fact that the material and especially the videos are always at my disposal. Thanks for all your encouragement.

Ann Daly wrote us on 05 July 2009:

I love all of Jessica's classes and products. The quality is just wonderful. This site is first class I give it 5 stars. It is truly gourmet! ~Ann

Stacey Kinney wrote us on 05 July 2009:

I am so pleased with all the classes I have purchased from I love the way the are organized. It makes it easy for me to do a task within a lesson, tend to the kiddos & come back to my lesson without having to dedicate a chunk of time solely to learning digital scrapbooking. Thank you so much!

Jana Morton wrote us on 05 July 2009:

I have taken all of Jessica's digital editing/scrapbooking classes and I cannot say ENOUGH about them. Each class is packed with a boatload of information and Jessica has a gift for teaching. She breaks everything down and it seems so simple. I have taken college classes in photoshop and read many photoshop books but they haven't held a candle to what I have learned through Jessica's classes. Jessica has totally transformed my "photoshop world". She is simply phenomenal. Thanks Jessica & keep the classes coming...I can't wait for more!

Tina Nguyen wrote us on 06 July 2009:

I just finished "Photo Editing: Workflow." It was my first class with Jessica, and I will definitely be taking more classes from this website. I have read several different manuals regarding Photoshop and none of them have been as helpful and easy to follow as this course. Her step by step instructions are wonderful! Keep up the great work! :)

Aaron wrote us on 06 July 2009:

I have to tell you that Photo Editing: Good to Great Workflow changed my whole life as a photographer and a photo editor. Have you ever seen photos on someone’s blog and thought, “How on Earth do they get their pictures to look like that?” I was becoming overwhelmed by this, thinking that for sure I was just a shoddy photographer. Enter Jessica’s class. Today, I took the girls outside just to take their pictures so that I could edit them, lol. This is the best photo editing class I have ever taken.

Mandi Buchanan wrote us on 06 July 2009:

Jessica is an amazing teacher and her classes have definitely changed the way I scrapbook. I feel so much more freedom and I get so much more done!

Mande wrote us on 07 July 2009:

This year, one of my goals is to take the plunge and learn how to do digital scrapbooking. First step - Learn Photoshop! Jessica was recommended by Simple Scrapbooks and several of their contributors, so that's why I chose her route. The web site is great and easy to use. The lessons are so straight-forward and easy to follow. I am amazed by how much I am learning in each lesson! I used to use Photoshop for a volunteer stint but was never taught formally. I adjusted levels without really knowing what levels were! I can't wait to take more of Jessica's classes. (Also, she has a nice, calm teaching voice on the videos, and it is quite soothing.)

Flo Raines wrote us on 08 July 2009:

I have been trying to find out how to do digital scrap booking for some time now but have been frustrated not having enough information and not being as good in photoshop as I should be. A friend of mine suggested I try your site and I saw classes. I just am starting my first class but I already have learned so much and I do think I am hooked......

Hannah Means wrote us on 09 July 2009:

I too fumbled around with PSE for a several years, learning to do some things from books or online videos but more often driven nearly to tears when I got stuck and couldn't figure out how to proceed. The instruction Jessica gives is so clear, complete and illustrated that I've been able to do every new application without a hitch! I can't thank you enough, Jessica! It's as if I have gotten a whole new program! There will be more classes from you in my future! Hannah

Kim Stiffler wrote us on 10 July 2009:

I have had Photoshop Elements for a long time, and was very frustrated with it. I have even taken another class through a community center that didn't help at all. These classes are amazing! I have learned so much! I am very excited and can't wait to sign up for more. Thank you!

Jennifer wrote us on 12 July 2009:

I thought I knew how to edit my photos, so I had put off Jessica's Good to Great class for some time. I even bypassed the sale. Then, I kept reading how great it is, so decided to check it out. Boy, was I surprised! Jessica taught me things that I didn't know (even after 15 years of photoshop use) and my photos were sooo much better than they had been - they ARE better thanks to the class! I'm anxious to see where I can go from here. Thanks Jessica!

Candee Bossard wrote us on 12 July 2009:

Jessica, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I loved the Frame-Up class! I have used Photoshop for work, but never to this extent. I've gone back to college to get my IT degree, and now can't wait to take a PS class next semester! I even got good comments on my class projects here! I've never gotten any before in other forums.

Nancy wrote us on 13 July 2009:

OH wow.. I'm really really impressed... I'm taking 2 of Jessica's classes at the moment..and I'm in LOVE!!!! I never thought I'd love photo editing this much!! All instructions are so clear and perfect.. as well for beginners as for advanced photographers!! I've learned so much until so far!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Shirley wrote us on 13 July 2009:

I have taken several Jessica Sprague classes and whilst I did have some basic Photoshop skills before commencing these, I have gained so much more knowledge in a faster and more easier method here at The video tutorials are clear, concise and very easy to follow and being able to return to ALL my class information at ANY time is a fantastic feature that I just love! Jessica's site is a wonderful resource for growing and extending digital photography skills and I am really looking forward to now advancing into more hybrid scrapbooking techniques as well! Thanks Jessica! I can't wait to undertake my next course!

Terri Horsman wrote us on 15 July 2009:

I started Jessicas Photo editing and Frame ups and was so impressed with the course that I have taken Up and Running. At the moment I am recovering from major surgery and found the style of the class easy to follow if it does not work for me, play the video again and I will have missed something and it works the second time ( but thats cause I am very blonde at the moment) Love the fact that it is always available to refresh techniques, Will definatly be doing more. Best wishes to your family and team. Keep up the good work.

Susan Benivegna wrote us on 15 July 2009:

I just absolutely love your Photo Editing class. I have learned so much and am having so much fun. I am also taking, at the same time, Oh Shoot!. I love that class also, although I find it difficult to take two classes at the same time. Thank you so much for offering the Photo Editing class for free!

Michele Bird wrote us on 16 July 2009:

I have being doing the "Good to great work flow" class and have loved it. Jessica you are amazing, my family ask what I am doing and I tell them I am listening to my hero!!!! What I love the most is the way you explain and show everything so plainly and I never feel silly and can always go back over again what I have forgotten so easily and watch it again.Thank you so much for being so generous also with the photo editing classes you been doing. I love it!!!!

Christine Dibble wrote us on 16 July 2009:

I have wanted to learn to edit my photos for awhile, but the photoshop manual was too confusing. I ordered some actions (and didn't even know which program I had!), and then I saw the free class advertised. I nervously signed up, thinking it would be way over my head. On day 1 I knew a whole new world had opened up for me! I cannot begin to explain how excited I am about this, and I am editing photos like crazy. Now I want to re-scrap all my old photos! Jessica's teaching style is exactly what I need to walk me through each step. I am very excited to learn more from the other classes.

Sandy Williams wrote us on 16 July 2009:

Loved shopping with you. Your templates and paper are just what I was looking for to complete a special project. Thank you for your designs, templates, and your love of digital scrapbooking to keep those precious memories alive. And what would I do without your classes? I'm afraid to think about it. Love them and especially the fact that I can return to them anytime.

Helen Shields wrote us on 17 July 2009:

I have skirted around Jessica's site for a long time now and been to scared to dip my toe into digital. I have owned Elements for over a year and just got floored every time I tried to us it. I signed up for your free Frame ups and special effects and I haven't looked back. Finally I don't feel so stupid! I have already signed up for the work flow class and look forward to moving my skills forward. Thank you Jessica, your tutorials are clear and concise it is a pleasure to learn from you.

Sandra Hayman wrote us on 08 August 2009:

I have been stumbling along on my own with Photoshop, and then I did the 'Frame-Ups & Special Effects' course with Jessica. I was so thrilled with the ease of the course and Jessica's fantastic teaching methods that I simply had to sign up for another!, 'Brush Abilities'. Although I am pressed for time some days, I so look forward to the next lesson each day. Thank you for the amazing and inspiring courses Jessica.

Janette Lloyd wrote us on 30 November 2009:

I've recently pre-registered for the new Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers class in January 2010. I'm sure it will have the same dramatic effect on my scrapbooking as did the previous Photoshop classes I have taken. I especially like the forever access as I have had to go back to revise a few topics.Excellent classes.

Jacqueline Hatton wrote us on 01 December 2009:

I started taking Jessica's classes not for scrapbooking, but to help me create professional images and banners for my website. I am now hooked! Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, the standard of course material very high, and above all, it makes learning about Photoshop extremely enjoyable. I can't recommend these courses highly enough. Thank you.

Trish wrote us on 01 December 2009:

Well I am almost done with Up and Running and am so impressed and hooked, that I'm taking advantage of Jessica's December sale and have purchased Now You're Rock'n even put the class "Brush Abilities" on my wish list for Christmas. Jessica's classes are very easy to understand and follow. I am a very visual person for learning and to be able to watch the video and create a project right along with her is wonderful. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the brush tool and so I went back and watched the tutorial again, and sure enough, there it was right in front of me. It is wonderful to always have these videos at your disposal anytime you get stuck on something. And can I talk about all of the freebies you get with every class - AMAZING!!!!! Every cent I have paid for a class is money well spent. I had had this powerful program on my computer since last Christmas and for the first time in a year, I finally know what to do with it. Thank you to all of you at - it truly is a "Spragueground."

Barbara Kubitz wrote us on 01 December 2009:

Thank you for your wonderful work!!!!For newbies the best place!!!

Jan Davis wrote us on 02 December 2009:

Even though I'm not a scrapbooker, I think Jessica's classes on Photoshop are wonderful! I'm a self taught PSE user, and I have picked up so many tips and shortcuts in the classes I've taken so far, it has been extremely worthwhile. I've also found the class support to be excellent. I can't wait for the Tablet Class, since I've had one for over a year and never used it, and if anyone can make me comfortable with it, it's Jessica.

Dee Dee Williams wrote us on 03 December 2009:

I have really enjoyed the classes I have taken here at and have found a place the is very welcoming. So I will just keep play here.

Kim Besta wrote us on 03 December 2009:

The forum, the products, the classes..oh my! This site seems to be my heaven on earth. I can't think of a single improvement that could be made to enrich my digiscrapping experience....yet the offerings continue to evolve. Pen tablet class here I come. Love, love, love every aspect. Thanks for making a difference Jessica. YOU are awesome!

katie squires wrote us on 03 December 2009:

I took the up and running digital scrapbook class, it was awesome. I finished it all in one day! and that night created a LO that was featured on the SIS TV CAT WALK....SO I WOULD SAY THE CLASS ROCKED!!! LOL Seriously, it was easy to understand and I learned enough to be able to make the beautiful pages I was looking for :)

Katla wrote us on 03 December 2009:

Very impressed with the newsletter templates. We'll have one great-looking Christmas Letter this year.

Susan Brennan wrote us on 03 December 2009:

I just signed up for the pen tablet class. I've taken many, many classes from Jessica and am always very satisfied with the format and content. Please keep bringing us new stuff!

Lisa Wyatt wrote us on 04 December 2009:

I have done nearly all of Jessica's free classes and have purchased 2, most recently the pen tablet class which I can't wait to start. The service is outstanding if anything goes wrong or you need help understanding or doing something - there is always someone who can help you or who can sort it out for you. I love Jessica's style of teaching she makes everything seem so easy - THANK YOU!

Janet Carr wrote us on 04 December 2009:

Jessica, I love everything you and the Sprague Team has to offer, from classes (including your free tutorials) and challenges to products!! I absolutely love the new word art by Kristina Proffitt and all of Crystal Wilkerson's kits!! They are beautiful!! Top of my Christmas list... several of your classes!!! I love scrapping those little moments in life that mean so much and you continue to show us wonderful new ideas to do just that!! Your site is a wealth of knowledge, I can't thank you enough for all you do and continue to do to help us grow, learn and evoke our memories!!

Sherrie Ray wrote us on 04 December 2009:

It is the best online digital class I've ever taken. I love that I can work at my schedule and pace and keep whatever classes I purchase to refer back to "forever"!! Thanks Jessica for giving us the opportunity to take classes and do what we love in the comfort of our own homes!!

Susan Quaglia wrote us on 05 December 2009:

Everything i have used and bought on this site has pleased me beyond any other scrapbooking tool I have used! I am in love with the lessons as they are so easy to follow by watching Jessica. I feel like I have my own teacher at home! I also so appreciate all the extra's that come with any class and all the freebies offered throughout the site! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Jeanne Szewczyk wrote us on 06 December 2009:

I love Jessica's classes. Each one offers lots of useful information on how to do things that would have taken me eons to figure out on my own. The videos are to clear and easy to follow. And the fact that all the classes remain on the website forever is great because it allows you to go back and review things months later. Of course the freebies offered in the classes are an added bonus!

Roshni Patel wrote us on 07 December 2009:

I was originally introduced to your website by a friend. I signed up for the Holiday in Hand class and loved it! I then purchased the Up and Running course and finished it in 2 days and LOVED it! I have since then purchased a few kits and stuff but made a big purchase by buying the remaining two classes in the series! I love the ease of the classes and the way they are structured. More importantly, I love that I can refer back to the classes whenever I want. I have referred your site to a lot of people! I just love it! Thank you so much!

Padmaja Ramesh wrote us on 07 December 2009:

I started with one of the class Up and Running on recommendation of someone. I just love it and have enrolled in more. What sets apart these classes from others is the delivery. Knowledge is delivered with warmth and is not cold and clinical like other classes out there. I tend to learn more if there is a personal touch. Not counting the hands on approach and tons of goodies we get No doubt I keep coming back.

Tamara wrote us on 07 December 2009:

I have only been a member for a few months. I just happened across the Photo Editing class thru another website recommendation. I thought I'd give it a try since it was free. I was very impressed. I learn by watching, not reading books or manuals. I absolutely love that I can take the class at my pace, and after a month, go back and refresh my memory. I've had PSE 4.0 for a year and used it only for cropping photos and fixing red eye. I didn't realize what all I could do. I bit the bullet (without my husband's knowledge yet) and purchased the Up & Running class. I have a room full of paper/embellishments and still love the actual real pages. However, I know the day is coming where they no longer manufacture all these embellishments and papers. So I wanted to start getting used to digital. I've told my mom she could "buy me classes" for Christmas! I love Jessica's classes because they're easy to follow. They are wonderfully put together. Thanks so much Jessica! Keep them coming please!

Tamara wrote us on 07 December 2009:

I have only been a member for a few months. I just happened across the Photo Editing class thru another website recommendation. I thought I'd give it a try since it was free. I was very impressed. I learn by watching, not reading books or manuals. I absolutely love that I can take the class at my pace, and after a month, go back and refresh my memory. I've had PSE 4.0 for a year and used it only for cropping photos and fixing red eye. I didn't realize what all I could do. I bit the bullet (without my husband's knowledge yet) and purchased the Up & Running class. I have a room full of paper/embellishments and still love the actual real pages. However, I know the day is coming where they no longer manufacture all these embellishments and papers. So I wanted to start getting used to digital. I've told my mom she could "buy me classes" for Christmas! I love Jessica's classes because they're easy to follow. They are wonderfully put together. Thanks so much Jessica! Keep them coming please!

Donna McGow wrote us on 08 December 2009:

Jessica- Thank you so much for your site. It has all the components I need. I am still an aspiring digital scrapbooker, but with your help I am making headway. The Internet can be so overhwhelming with all the info and sites out there for DS. I am so glad I found you and your site. It/You are my "go-to" for all my DS needs!! Thank you!!!

Cynthia Borklund wrote us on 08 December 2009:

I first heard about Jessica in Computer Tricks 1,2,& 3. and loved everything I learned in those books. I have taken some of her free classes and loved those. I have just recently signed up for her class on Pen Tablet and can't wait for it. I know I will learn so much from that class. I love her kits also!

Vonnie O'Connor wrote us on 10 December 2009:

I highly recommend the Picasa class. Molly has it well laid out and explains everything step by step - This class was just what I needed to organize my files before starting Up and Running with Photoshop.

Monica Skowbo wrote us on 11 December 2009:

Awesome, as usual! Nobody does it better than jessica sprague. I want to take every class she offers!

Michele Stone wrote us on 12 December 2009:

I can't thank Jessica & her team enough for all that I have learnt during the many classes I have taken. I started this journey in January 2008 and it's a journey I hope will never end. Some of the things that set Jessica's classes well above the rest are - 1. Her style of teaching - the video's are wonderful and you casually work alongside her friendly, easy to listen to, voice - and it's not until the end that you realise how much you have learnt - she makes each step seem so easy and natural and often throws in extra little hints or shortcuts that help. 2. The fact that her classes, forums and galleries are available for each class forever. Brilliant! 3. The ability she has to think up new and exciting classes to keep us all busy - I've done over 90% of her classes, from Digital to Photography to Story telling and Brushes...I have NEVER been disappointed in the classes and infact I'm usually thrilled that I gained so much more than I expected. All in all, Im singing her praises all over the world - if anyone asks for help, I point them this way. The classes are worth every penny - and the friendly community - Priceless!...Thank you!

Aisha Khan wrote us on 13 December 2009:

I have been doing digital and graphic design for several years using Photoshop and Illustrator but have never had any formal training in them. I took my first class with Jessica on the recommendation of a friend (Good-to-Great Workflow), and I absolutely loved her teaching style and how easy she made learning very complex programs. I have since then taken Up and Running and just completed Extraction Secrets. I am signed up for the Illustrator class this January (first one!). I am so excited! Jessica has opened a whole new world to me and given me the confidence I have needed to venture more into digital design. I cannot express enough how valuable her classes are to anyone interested in digital scrapbooking or just graphic design in general. I plan on taking ALL her classes. Thank you Jessica and everyone at! You are all awesome!

Dianne Thomas wrote us on 13 December 2009:

Jessica, I LOVE your classes. I cannot believe how much I have learned since I started taking your classes-five of them so far. Looking forward to Illustrator in the New Year! I am in awe of your talent and generosity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I love having access to the classes whenever I need it. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to put aside the scrapping for a time. The beauty of these classes is that you can pick up where you left off-or start again at the beginning. You are THE BEST!!!

Dayna Runge wrote us on 13 December 2009:

I'm not a complete newbie to photoshop, but Jessica has taught me some things that I should have already known! NOt to mention all the things that baffled me! I can't believe I waited this long to take her classes! Now if only I could fit more time in to actually finish my classes and take more. Does Jessica have a babysitting program? That would definately go on my wish list!!!

Heather Lee wrote us on 15 December 2009:

i have been using photoshop CS2 and was on a short college course to learn it. On buying a new computer with Windows 7 I have 'lost' my CS2 but found I had Elements 7pre-installed. I am grateful to Jessica for thr @up and running' course to help me get to grips with this different version of Photoshop. Books are ok but there is nothing to beat watching how something is done. many thanks.

Michelle wrote us on 15 December 2009:

Last year I did the December Daily that Ali Edwards leads but this year I wanted to do something a bit different as I am trying my hand at digital. I found Jessica's Holiday in Hand and thought it might be fun. My only problem was that my November and 1st 1/2 of December was nothing but work but I love the fact that once you buy a class all the material stays out there for you to access. I'm trying to get my daily December going but this year it will be the 12 days of Christmas, I love all the hints, and great templates provide in the HIH class. Even though I have been doing trial and error with PSE I think I'm going to sign up for the Up & Running class to see what else I might learn that I haven't already. I can't wait to try it.

Milena Woodiwiss wrote us on 20 December 2009:

I have taken quite a few of Jessica's classes and purchased quite few of her digital products and I have yet to be disappointed. The classes talk you through the maze that is PSE and leave you with digi skills you never thought you would achieve. I often find myself recommending this site to my friends and am looking forward to my next class!! Thanks Jessica.

Monica Ellis wrote us on 20 December 2009:

Photoshop is no longer a mystery!!! Jessica's teaching skills are so detailed a fool couldn't make an error. I've been plugged in for a year and a half, and I have to say it has been great. I can't wait for what Jessica, have in store for us in 2010. Thanks for all you do Jessica.

Padmaja Ramesh wrote us on 22 December 2009:

What can I tell about this classes. They are sneaky and reel you all the way in :). I thought I would start with just one class and boy was I hooked. I just had to learn more and more and more and finally I have taken all the classes and can't even add anymore to the wishlist :( Hands on is what this class is that sets it apart from other similar classes. Each class comes with loads of material and templates for us to play with that by doing and following we ourselves become pro by the end. I just love these classes.

Allison Herron wrote us on 24 December 2009:

I think the classes are very well presented - but it is very necessary to take notes constantly!!! The program (Elements) isn't exactly logical! I can work with Jessica's products but have had trouble with products from others - like the newsletter package. Wasn't sure where to slot in my pictures... A list of shortcuts and a simple list of the order of activities would be wonderful. I also don't quite understand how to save the final product for printing or sending (not sooooo huge!).

beverly driggers wrote us on 26 December 2009:

I purchased a gift certificate as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. She was soooooooo excited! I don't think she has ever liked a gift as much as this one. Thank you for helping her Christmas be merrier.

Trish wrote us on 27 December 2009:

I have signed up for a lot of Jessica's classes and have now found out that 2 of my sisters gifted classes to me for Christmas. I can't wait to sit down and start taking the classes. I have finally found a digital scrapbooking site that I can understand and learn at the same time. The value you get in classes is awesome and I hate that my full time job will interfere with digital scrapbooking. I wish everyone that works so hard on Jessica's site a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

Randy J Bruns wrote us on 27 December 2009:

So far my wife has enjoyed the class that she has started. However, your web ordering process could be improved. The email acknowledgement that included the class codes arrived in my junk mail box in outlook. When moved to my inbox it was in an unreadable form (partial HTML). When I forwarded the email to the support email address that I found imbedded in the HTML, I get a response that said that that email address was no longer being monitored but that I had to submit a support ticket. Why was the email address in the acknowledgement if it was not being monitored. So I cut and pasted the less than readable email into the ticket and submitted it. Then based on the display of the ticket on your website it would appear (based on the time zone of the timestamp) that your support is handled overseas. Then my response to the ticket required me to log back into the website to see the response which I then had to paste into my own document so that I had a record of the class codes. This was certainly extra steps that I would not have expected from an organization that puts together such good classes.

Katy wrote us on 28 December 2009:

This is my first class with you and I am really very happy with it. I love that I can go back to the video time and again when something does not make sense to me the first time. I am fairly new to digital scrapbooking (year) and signed up for a class I probably should have waited to take but with your very clear instructions I am learning how to do the techniques and I am having fun while doing it!

Megan Kotter wrote us on 28 December 2009:

I love Jessica Sprague

Nicole LeBlanc wrote us on 28 December 2009:

Looking forward to the Pen class and the Illustrator Class. I got just what I wanted for Christmas this year! Thanks for offering classes that I really need!

Christyne wrote us on 28 December 2009:

I have taken all of Jessica's classes and been a HUGE fan since I first met her at CKC Buffalo. She signed my first ever Digi scrapping mag and I have been hooked ever since! Recently, I purchase some templates from the store and have been nothing but pleased. Thanks Jess for all you do!

jeanie dickinson wrote us on 28 December 2009:

I love your classes...i would much rather take them in my home and watch and rewatch the i can get all the info. It is great that you have pdf to go them. i look forward to taking lots of classes.

Gemma wrote us on 30 December 2009:

Life is beautiful when you apply some of the classes, products and amazing information you will find on this site. I have taken many classes (a few still need to be finished) but I love how much Jessica shares with us - she is simply amazing. The classes in themselves are superb, you won't find any better place to learn and grow in your creativity than right here. All of my friends and family are pointed right to this site when they ask about where and how to get started in digi. I can't thank you and all of your talented friends here enough for sharing your talent - you are awesome to the tenth degree!!!

Benjamin Krieger wrote us on 31 December 2009:

I haven't taken any of the classes, but kudos to customer service. When I, in trying to get a class for my wife to take, Did It Wrong, they were both immediately responsive and perfectly helpful in getting it fixed.

Rebecca Gullinese wrote us on 31 December 2009:

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! With a "cold drink" in hand, I've learned more than I ever thought I would! :) What an awesome teacher and an awesome way to learn as well! I can't wait to purchase more classes!

carol vasenko wrote us on 02 January 2010:

I just stumbled upon Jessica's classes and I am now an ardent fan. I am pretty much an intermediate with PS, but I learned so much more from her Photo Frames....class. I like her style of teaching. It clicks with me. Her videos are clear, her examples clear. I look forward to taking more classes with her. I am more interested in digital collage and knowing how to make stuff than actual scrapbooking, but I am sure I will learn plenty. Thank you all.

Debbie Dent wrote us on 02 January 2010:

Thw wonderful classes Jessica teaches have made scrapbooking the greatest thing. I watch the videos several times to get all the wonderful tips and tricks to use all the time. Thank you for making this the greatest recreation and way to share all the great events of the year.

Heike Kytlica wrote us on 02 January 2010:

When I purchased 'Create your first digital layout' a bit over a year ago, that's all I did, just that one LO. Even so I liked it very much, but it didn't really got me into digital scrapping. This time I tried my hands on the class 'Up and Running' and now I have been hooked. The tutorials are amazing! Even so I felt very overwhelmed the first time I read through everything, knowing that I can go back at any time and recapture what I have learned, make it all worth while. This is the perfect class for someone that would like to try out digital scrapbooking for the first time. Thank you Jessica!

Ann Bostic wrote us on 02 January 2010:

I recently purchased the Extractions class and loved it. I really enjoy picking up all the little tips & tricks Jessica throws into her courses. Looking forward to the Pen Tablet for Scrapbookers class!

Barbara wrote us on 03 January 2010:

I'm only half way through the Illustrator 101 course but have already decided that my money was very well spent. I have taken several Jessica Sprague classes and have been pleased with all. I had purchased Illustrator 2 years ago to use with my Robo Craft digital cutter but never used the program for anything other than transferring files to my cutter. Illustrator is a very expensive program and now I feel that with the help of this course I will be able to use it more wisely and it will be a lot of fun too. It is wonderful that the courses I have taken will always be there for me to go back to. I have learned so much in each of the courses and will definitely enroll in more classes in the future.

jacopetti wrote us on 03 January 2010:

I can't take enough of jessica's classes - they are unbelieveable. Out of about 10 classes, there has only been one that I would say I got my money's worth .... the rest have been triple the value or more!!!!!!!! And the only reason the other was ONLY my money's worth is because it was really below my skill level but did have some things I wanted to learn. Jessica is a GODess when it comes to PS! Do not even hesitate to take her classes, there is no one better to teach you digi scrapping!

Elaine Poplin wrote us on 04 January 2010:

I've taken bunches of classes with you, and have gifted classes to my mom now. LOVE your tutorials, and refer back to them. Now my scrapbooks aren't only on our shelf in our home, but my mother-in-law and my grandmother can enjoy identical copies in their homes, with no extra effort from me. BLESS you for what you do -- thank you so very, very much.

Jana Cokeley wrote us on 05 January 2010:

I have just signed up for my 3rd class here at the Spraground and getting my Bamboo tablet for Christmas was a great reason to take another one. The classes are wonderful, well taught and easy to understand and learn. I am sure it will not be my last as I have a thirst for knowledge and know-how. Thanks Jessica for a super place to learn.

Jamie solorio wrote us on 05 January 2010:

I have to say that this class is worth EVERY penny! Thank you so much for helping me better my scrapbooking process. I used to stick only to traditional scrapping, and have over 20 huge albumns that take up tons of space. Now, I have everything in my computer for easy clean up and processing! Thank you again!

Tonya Meyer wrote us on 05 January 2010:

I just completed Jessica's BrushAbilities class and it was amazing! I thought I new how to use a brush but I learned SO many things I could not believe it! The self-paced classes are great because you can just pause them and go to your own screen and do what Jessica just said and see if it works for you! After doing this one, I signed up for three more!

Tracy wrote us on 07 January 2010:

I have completed the Photo Editing Good to Great workflow and learned so much. I have been self taught in photoshop and learned alot in this class. I also have some other classes that I am in the process of completing. I love the fact that I can enter my class workroom (via) the videos and work or refresh my myself on what I have learned. I have also made friends on the forum and found everyone to be so helpful here. I have visited other forums and this one is the tops for me. Thanks JS and friends for such a great learning experience, I can't wait to start the Pen and Tablet class. Have a great day, Tracy in AR

Kimberly Armstrong wrote us on 07 January 2010:

I am currently taking the Brushabilities class and just like all the other classes of Jessica's that I have taken, I am learning so much. The videos are fun and very easy to follow. The Spragueground is the only forum I visit now. Everyone here is so talented, helpful and friendly. Hugs to all!

Brenda Tait wrote us on 07 January 2010:

I have done some free classes on your site and I love the way you teach, you make it so easy to learn digital scrapping. I have booked for the pen tablet class to start in January and cant wait. No doubt I will take some more classes in the near future. I have recommended a couple of friends to try the classes too, and would highly recommend them to anybody wanting to learn Photoshop. Keep on rockin' Jessica.:-)

Roberta wrote us on 07 January 2010:

Jessica's classes are the first ones I recommend to friends who want to learn digital scrapbooking. I explain the price - a bit higher than other sites - by telling them that the content and instruction makes the classes worth every penny!I've never been overwhelmed by too much content but am always amazed that Jessica seems to come up with new exciting ways of looking at techniques. I've taken Jessica's free classes and am working my way through Brush Abilities and Now We're Rockin' I LOVE that the coursework can be completed in my own time ... life has a way of rearranging the best laid plans :)Thanks to Jessica and her staff ... you're probably stuck with me as a student for life! :)

Suzanne Munro wrote us on 09 January 2010:

Jessica's classes were recommended to me by someone I met on vacation last summer. Since the first one, they have not disappointed. I am still working through several of the classes, and really looking forward to the Pen Tablet class coming up soon. I love that I can refer back to all the material whenever I need a refresher. Jessica, you are a great teacher. This is obviously your calling. Thanks for such a variety of classes. Just keep them coming.

Tami Rossbach wrote us on 10 January 2010:

I just started the digi classes and completed lesson 1 - I LOVE IT!!! I have had Photoshop Elements for almost 2 years and have never figured out how to create a digital scrapbook page let alone crop a photo. After the first lesson I cropped a photo AND created my first digital page. I can't wait to start Lesson 2. Thank you for making this so easy to learn.

Genevieve Bauer wrote us on 10 January 2010:

Have taken 3 classes (Photo Editing, Rocking with Photoshop,Bamboo) so far and found them very instructionnal and inspiring. The pace is just right and the information detailed but not to much. Only downside for me is that I can't seam to save the videos, this is probably just my style but I like to watch them on my compute or Ipod when I am not connected (I drive my kids to a lot of sporting events and I watch the videos when I am on location, helps me manage my time). So thanks for your grat courses and please keep them coming.

lance jones wrote us on 11 January 2010:

I have never done a class like this on the computer before and was a little skeptical. I LOVE all the classes I have taken. I have already taken 3 and am signed up for the wacom tablet class and can't wait. I am new to digital scraping and love all the stuff given with the classes!!! I am a very happy customer!

Florence Longman wrote us on 11 January 2010:

Just finished Holidays in Hand. It was awesome. Now waiting for next one on Pen tablet basics. Have had a tablet for over a year, and didn't have time to figure out how to use it. This was what I was waiting for. Thank you.

Julia wrote us on 11 January 2010:

I've been on a CT (for digital scrapbooking & design) since the beginning of Oct. 09 and love it! I saw a calendar template and some Christmas paper on your Wed. dollar deals last week that I just had to have! Thanks for the GREAT deals! I haven't used them yet, but am looking forward to them in the near future. I have also taken a few of Jessica's free classes concerning photography and hope to take one of her other classes/tutorials in the near future also. Thanks so much for all you share to make us better Photographers & creative scrapbookers! I LOVE your site!

Pat wrote us on 11 January 2010:

I have taken several classes from and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The classes are easy to understand and I love the fact that my classes are there for life when I need a brush-up on techniques that I haven't used for awhile. I have also purchased templates, papers etc and have found them to be a great value over what else is out there. I am definitely a returning customer.

Shadoe Wankier wrote us on 11 January 2010:

I am SOOOOOO glad that I have found Jessica Sprague. I have been trying to learn photoshop elements for so long and have struck out everytime. I can't get enough of it. I wish I could buy every class. You guys are awesome. Thanks again!!!!

Heather Merrill wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I purchased the 12x12 calendar. It has multiple years and many different layers to make it exactly how you want it. I am excited to use it and have very personalized calendars and fun scrap pages.

Dici wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I bought me the Vintage Cabinet Cards and I love them, there are absolutely amazing.

Scott O'Neal wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I recently got Photoshop as a gift. In my search across the web to find suitable training, I stumbled across Jessica Sprague. Let me put it this way, when I need to know how to do something, Jessica sprague is one of my main go to places! Everything here on the site is truly "user Friendly". She is able to put the information handed out in a no nonsense, but understandable format! Great job, keep it up!

Patricia Austin wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I received 4 classes as a Christmas gift and I am enjoying the Up and Running class very much. I look forward to improving my skills and doing my first digital scrapbook. I pace is good and the ability to practice after each segment is especially helpful to the long-term learning experience.

Sara Thompson wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I took the Frame-ups class here, and have purchased papers and brushes - the quality of the products and the clarity of the lessons is wonderful. I will, when I have time (& money), be signing up for the tablet class and all of the digiscrapping classes. Excellent value for the price, I might add.

Kate wrote us on 12 January 2010:

The iKari 2010 calendar template is great. I'm using it to do a 'nearly' 365 project. I duplicated the month template and added journaling for each day on the separate calendar page.

Karen Van Herk wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I bought the tutorial how to organize my pics using Picassa and let me say that my pics and my scrapbooking stuff is nicely organized. THey are easy to learn from with the videos. I would for sure buy the tutorials for anything right here they ROCK!!!!

Jill Hanger wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I just love my 1$ Wednesday purchases. I have taken several classes (Up & Running, Photo Editing, Frame Ups & Special effects) love them all. Waiting patiently for the new tablet class to start. This is my favorite website for learning my everything digital.

Kaitlin Sheaffer wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I took the Illustrator 101 class in January 2010. This is my first class with Jessica Sprague and I have also signed up for one more. I really loved this class. I was very intimidated with using Illustrator (even after using InDesign and Photoshop for several years) and had been contemplating everything from taking a course to buying a book. A book would have been good...but I am definitely not a learn by a book sort of person- so when I saw this class I was so excited. It took me a weekend to get through the class since it was self paced and it went extremely smoothly. It has gotten me excited to use the program and even my nine year old daughter saw me learning something and wanted to do a lesson (and she was able to complete a lesson with only a little assistance from me). I am hoping you expand on this class and perhaps offer a 201 as I know I will sign up. Thanks so much!

Becca Groves wrote us on 12 January 2010:

Well, I can never say enough. To learn a new skill like photoshop opens up an ENTIRE world of things to learn and try. I feel like my Jessica Sprague classes taught me how to try, and work, and push through and persevere until it is time to celebrate another victory of having learned and accomplished something new. And now this enthusiasm to learn has spilled over into every part of my life. I blog about her classes and learning opportunities frequently because I want my friends and family to feel this empowered too. Thank you Jessica.

Monica Sagle wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I am just starting the Now We're Rocking class, and I love it. My scrapbooking has taken on a whole new life. I used my skills from Up & Running to make my own 2010 calendar which I had printed for my family. Having 2 young kids and working full-time, I really like how the class is self-paced and broken into do-able segments. Thank you so much to all the sponsors too who donate wonderful extra goodies!

Sammee wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I just finished taking Jessica's Photo Editing class and it is outstanding! These classes are brilliant and there is so much to learn, to do, to scrapbook :) Thanks Jessica for the wonderful classes/tutorials and the easy to follow step-by-step instructions, more importantly the ability to access our courses whenever we need to refresh our memories on what we had learnt in other classes. You really have your students best interest at hand - thank you so much for being you!! Now, off to the next class!

Kathy Hall wrote us on 12 January 2010:

I love the Up and Running with Photoshop. Finished most of that within a week. I am able to understand everything. I am dealing with a color problem with printing and am finding the forum is very helpful. Joan Sides has been working with me and am finding her a gem. I purchased two more classes and can't wait to get started on them. Jessica Sprague is a wonderful instructor in a world where I have gotten so lost in the past. I am still lost on some things but I am sure I won't be for long!!!

Carolyn wrote us on 12 January 2010:

Everything I purchase here is always fantastic. Love

Patti Rowe wrote us on 31 January 2010:

I LOVE the flexibility and I CAN NOT believe how much I learned in the very first class! It's amazing how simply Jessica can teach so MUCH in so little time. Thank you!

anna wrote us on 09 July 2010:

I started to scrapbook about six years ago, and I thought to myself, what can I scrap about, my kids are grown, I'm kinda shy about talking about myself, but I love doing this so I started out doing a scrapbook on my family history, I researched everything I could find on my family history, and made a scrapbook about it all. then I started on my kids from child hood to there high school ages and so on, and made a scrapbook about that. then I discovered Jessica Sprague, from the magazine Creating Keepsakes, so I started taking the classes, one by one, Up and running with photo shop elements which I brought the program, and thanks to Jessica learned how to use it, then I moved on from there with all her classes, now I am proud to say that I have a load of scrapbooks with not only records my children life but mine and my husband, and my little grand daughter. Now I am taking the Art of Digital Design class, and wonder since I am going on 52 years of age, that I should get into designing my self as a living, you know what I have learned the most out of this experience of scrap booking is that you are never to old to explore your self, your goals in life. The type and Write class has taught me to write about myself, and explore writing. the photo shop class has taught me to express what I feel in a graphic way. Thank you Jessica for your positive and encouraging teaching style. and to you livE for helping me to learn about my self, through your type and write class's. I feel renewed:)

Marlene Battimarco wrote us on 06 September 2010:

Being a very computer literate person and having been a paper scrapper for many years, I was dying to try digital scrapbooking. I purchased a PSE digi scrapbooking tutorial from another company. Although I could follow the step-by-step instructions, I didn't understand the process. Until I found Jessica Sprague. She is an excellent instructor. Her classes teach the skills and then build on and re-emphasize those skills while learning new ones. Love, love, love her classes. PSE now makes complete sense to me so much so that I have been able to figure out to do things on my own. Thank you, Jessica! You are awesome.

Debbi Smith wrote us on 23 October 2010:

I am ashamed to say that I bought your Up and Running beginner class in 2009. Between my busy schedule and my REAL prblem of being a procranstinator I am finally getting to the self paced classes. THANK YOU so much! Your classes are awesome and have finally unlocked the secrets of PSE7. I felt so stupid until I began your classes. Your method of teaching is very laid back. No anxiety here! I'm looking forward to finishing and getting more advanced in the future. You have opened the world of Photoshop to me and I am grateful.

Michele Heitner-Brabender wrote us on 14 November 2010:

I just took the Good-to-Great Workflow class and I am amazed! I only wish I'd taken it sooner! I was skeptical as to how much I would get out of it, since I've been working with Photoshop for the better part of 6 years. As a struggling freelance photographer who is self-taught in Photoshop I've long struggled with maintaining consistency in my editing. I also have struggled with knowing warm, how cool, how bright, how much contrast? I've read countless books and have viewed countless free tutorials but hadn't been able to grasp a method that would be repeatable on each and every image. My goal for a clean, basic editing on which to base everything else had become the brass ring I never thought I'd be able to grab. I'd even begun doing 99% of my editing in Lightroom, with purchased presets, so I could avoid dealing with what I was lacking--except this created as many problems as it solved! Our of sheer frustration, I decided I'd go "back to basics" and take a beginners' class. I have to be honest that I chose this one because the price was so reasonable. By the middle of lesson 1, I felt like I'd already gotten more than I paid for. I'm thrilled with the course and my results--there is a night and day difference in the clarity and color of my images and I AM THRILLED! Now I get to embark on the dreaded task of re-editing the images in my portfolio....but at least this time I know it will be the last time I need to go through that! I hope you will add more Photoshop classes in the future, such as selective adjustments and some of the other options in ACR. Thank you!

Deb wrote us on 10 December 2010:

Thank you, Jessica for "Inspiration Everywhere." It is so generous of you to provide wonderful "free" classes for all of us who aspire to be as talented as you.

Veronica wrote us on 05 July 2011:

I just finished the 4th and FINAL Digi class and I think that JESSICA IS AWESOME!!! Four years ago, I wanted to learn PSE and I stumbled across Jessica's site. Boy, am I glad I did!!! I continued to take each and every one. I also took her "Stories in Hand" class. I am continually amazed! One of these days I will meet her in person for I believe her to be the same awesome person that comes across in her blog and videos! Jessica, thank you again for all that you do and continue to do. You have definitely blessed and enriched my life and made me think outside the box!!!

Martha Boyer wrote us on 22 March 2012:

I didn't know one thing about digital scrap booking when I was directed to Jessica's website in January 2012. I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas. Now 10 classes later - I'm hooked! Jessica - you have changed my life forever.

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