To Print, or Not to Print? That is the question.

Posted by: Jessica Sprague

Jessica Sprague

So, I think it's safe to say that we've fallen in love with our computers as memory-keeping tools. And as digital/hybrid scrapbookers I think we find more connection with others online than most traditional scrapbookers do, simply because this is where the other digi's are. :) We are finding each other, and creating communities, and making friends and forming bonds that simply aren't possible in "the real world".  I love it! For me, finding the online scrapbooking communities has completely changed my life, and I know it has changed yours, too!

But I'm wondering, whether our "online-ness" has had an impact on what we actually produce into the physical world, in the form of printed pages.  And I am putting forth the question to you! Read on for a discussion!


What are your printing habits for your full digital pages? 

  • Do you get the same thrill from seeing a 12x12 page come out of your printer as you do in slipping a completed paper page into its page protector and into your album? (that is, if you make paper pages anymore!)
  • Or do you use a letter-sized printer and print your digital pages as 8x8? 
  • Or do you order 12x12 prints from one of the online printing sites, or from Costco?
  • Or... (*gasp*) do all your pages live on your computer and online?

 Do you find yourself making decisions about which pages to print? Do you see yourself printing more or less in the future?

And the big one: Are there things that stop you from printing?

For me, I have been a slacker at printing my digital pages. I will admit that. Used to be really good. I even have a great printer at home, the Epson R1900, and I still have trouble slipping that photo paper in. No idea why, though? So I'm actually hoping for a great discussion here to help me discover my own hidden reason (and hoping that it's not just flat-out laziness! LOL).

For me, I can share with MORE people in LESS time by simply posting a new layout online, and if my kids want to share it, I have a digital photo frame. 

However, I AM reminded how much they love to look through my albums, and feel like I SHOULD be printing more of the pages for them to physically look through. 

So, where do you fall on the printing question? Can't wait to discuss!

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Joann McQuaid
Joann McQuaid: ...
I have to be one to confess that I recently started to print my layouts for the first time ever!!!. I have an eight year old that loves to sit in a chair and look through the SB pages and ask questions about that moment that was captured on the page. I have been digital scrapbooking for 3 years....eegggaads! Most of what I did those three years were shared online. I think I am a a place now that my pages are worth printing all the time. I get them made in 12 x 12 ,10 x 10, 8 x8 and crazy enough I get the 4 x 4 and put them in a small frame I say print them!!! print them all smilies/smiley.gif

April 13, 2009
This is a super timely topic for me because I have have been printing all my layouts 12x12 and slipping them into regular top loaders. If I have a lot of them to print (because I've been in a creative frenzy or taking a JS class where she makes us do a whole album in a week smilies/cheesy.gif), I will upload them to be printed at Scrapping Simply, but I also have a wide format printer and if I'm scrapping at my regular pace, I try to print at home. I still do a little paper scrapping and some hybrid as well, so it's one place to keep everything all together, and my almost 5 year old daughter loves to look through them. Lately, though, I've been unsatisfied with this and I've been thinking about just doing Shutterfly books, or I don't know - SOMETHING else with my digi layouts. So hopefully I'll get some ideas from the comments!

April 13, 2009
LOL - Jessica - are you ever home long enough to print your own stuff?? I, too, suffer from the "digi-trapping" syndrome - all these gorgeous LOs (most created thru an awesome class right here!), and very few printed out. It seems as though I have to actually create a gift book (as I usually do after our family gatherings) before they ever make it to the printer. I drool over your Epson - being married to a computer guru myself, it would make sense to do most of it at home....but, it's the distractions (like your kids painting your front porch blue or re-grouting the white bathroom with your forest green eyeliner - true story!) that get in the way. What we need is an Adobe product that adds about 6 hours to each day! Thanks for the awesomeness that you share every day with us! Hugs!! Meg

April 13, 2009
Melanie Duhon
Melanie Duhon: ...
Jessica, I envy you your printer! I wish that I could print out my own pages, but 8x8 just doesn't do it for me. I have to see them off my computer though. It's just more satisfying to me, and easier to share with family. I print out books using, only when they have their flat rate book sales. A 100 page 12x12 book is $30 plus can't beat it! I buy 6 so I can give them away as gifts for family. I already have Mother's Day taken care of because of all your wonderful classes!

April 13, 2009
Jessica Sprague
Jessica Sprague: ...
Wonderful! Clearly I'm not the only one who doesn't print 100% of the time. smilies/wink.gif

I can say LOTS of good things about this printer! WOW. If I could score like a 10% discount, would that push you over the edge? I have friends in high places... smilies/tongue.gif

But printing online: so we have Scrapping Simply, Winkflash - where else do we go?

April 13, 2009
Susan Brennan
Susan Brennan: ...
I have 2 special files in my Pictures Folder: Pages to Print, Photos to Print. When there's enough to print (correlating shipping costs) I will upload the pages to Photos will go to shutterfly or winkflash (depending on credits/specials). All film developing goes to where they will digitize everything and send prints. This system has worked for me for years. I can only print up to 8-1/2 x 11 at home, so I do my hybrid layouts that way.

April 13, 2009
Lois Ellis
Lois Ellis: ...
I was so anxous to print 12x12 that I took advantage of a great price on an epson p1400, and I love it. Prior to then I was printing off 6x6 on my letter size printer and putting them in a top load album which I took just about everywhere to show just about everyone what I was learning on this wonderful website. I must say, I can see a defininte improvement over the first attempts and those from Digi in Deep. Will be checking out the online printing places. Never can have too many options, that's why I have hundreds of different pieces of fabrics for my other obsession.

April 13, 2009
Jana Holden
Jana Holden: ...
I love printing my pages!!! I mostly print 12 x 12's on my Epson R1800. I figure by the time I send all my pages to a printer & pay shipping charges, I might as well by my own paper & ink. And I love the instant gratification of printing them at home! I also print a lot of 8 x 8's for my little "specialty" albums. They are great for gifts and for events I want to save in their own albums. It's still a thrill for me to create on the computer or hybrid and then fill my albums with the completed pages!

April 14, 2009
It seems I only print out the layouts from a class or to put into a theme-type album that I am working on. For the family or big album I wait until I have about 6 months of layouts done and here is where I get really anal and have to make sure I have all the chronological layouts done, then I've been having them printed into hardcover books. (So of course I am still working on the end of 2007--haha). I only have a letter sized printer at home. My most recent theme album (higlighting the last two years of my dance team) is actually a 8.5 by 11 size and I am mixing that size with 8 by 8 pages and I'm loving the effect.

April 14, 2009
Elaine Poplin
Elaine Poplin: ...
I have my 12x12 pages printed at Costco, usually, and occasionally I have books printed at Shutterfly when they have a special. I'm about 75% done with our Disney album from our October 2008 trip, and that will be uploaded to Shutterfly where my parents and brother's family can get a copy.

My printer is a cheap freebie that came with my Mac, so I'm never as pleased with the quality of the prints that come out of it as I am with the ones I have printed at Costco or wherever.

I upload about 7-8 at a time, probably. If I could wait longer so that I had more I'm sure I could get a better deal, but I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. Not having the Disney layouts printed out so I can flip through them is killing me, and probably thwarting my motivation to finish that album.

April 14, 2009
Jeanann Goss
Jeanann Goss: ...
I've got the Epson R1800 printer which I love and print my scrapbook pages on it. I also have the HP Photosmart 8450 which I've had longer and print all my photos on. I love both and print all my stuff at home.

April 14, 2009
Neva Cole
Neva Cole: ...
I print almost every LO that a create digitally. It is important for me to have a hard copy of the creation to share with others outside of the computer. I love that digiscrapping allows me to make multiples of LOs for gift books etc. I've been satisfied with the quality of prints from Costco, and appreciate that the photos are archival. I do have a nice Epsom Photo R300 that I've had for over 4 years that gives great quality prints, but find that the cost of ink and the high price of quality paper makes it more cost effective to have them printed.

April 14, 2009
Patsy Flowers
Patsy Flowers: ...
Guess I'm in a minority as I print all my own stuff at home. I do not have a wide format printer but I have found that I truly do not care for 12 x 12 albums anyway. They are hard to store and hard to hold. I do 8 1/2 x 11, 8 x 8, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 (only K & Company makes these but I LOVE their albums), 6 x 6 and an occasional 4 x 6. I just bought some 5 x 7 on clearance so that will be my next project. I print my layouts as I finish them. I love to share them with others and to curl up in an easy chair with a cup of coffee and browse through them reliving memories. Since I've been scrapping digitally, I can't seem to bring myself to go back to paper scrapping. Therefore, I have a stack of older photos just sitting. Think I'll have to scan in those I want on layouts so I can do them digitally. Probably more than you wanted to know but that's my take on it.

April 14, 2009
Ellen McKinney
Ellen McKinney: ...
I have to admit, I haven't printed any of my digital pages yet. I've been posting them on my Facebook page. I don't have a printer capable of printing 12 x 12 size and haven't tried printing them as 8 x 8, mostly because my paper albums are 12 x 12. I've been thinking I might try having some printed, but the cost has been pretty exhorbitant. I've only been doing digital scrapbooking for a little while, and don't have that many yet. I have started printing some of my photo layouts and adding them to my regular pages, but that doesn't give me all of the advantages of digital scrapbooking. haven't figured out what to do yet. Looks like there are some new resources listed in this e-mail thread for me to check out.

April 14, 2009
Joan Samuels
Joan Samuels: ...
Well, a lot of my LO's live on my computer and the reason why...yes, laziness. Sometimes I print them and then they live in the front flap of the album why...laziness. I have a great Canon Pro Pixma wide format printer, so not excuses I guess I am just lazy. At least I am willing to admit it, right.

April 14, 2009
Jen Baldivid
Jen Baldivid: ...
I wish that I had more printed, but I don't! It might be one of those fear of the permanant. I do have a goal, before Mother's Day, to get it all printed and in the sleves.


April 14, 2009
Jacki Archibald
Jacki Archibald: ...
I like to mix my digi pages with the paper ones. I have them printed at Costco. My Costco has the ability to print a 12X36 if I bring it on a flash drive (it's not available online or at all Costcos.) It costs $5.00 (so that's just $1.66 a page). I LOVE seeing and holding the pages, and slipping it in an album... it doesn't feel complete until then. I've also been wondering if it would work to print a photobook and then actually cut out the pages to slip in my album... feels strange to cut a book apart though... but I really like them mixed in. Reading about your home printers makes me wonder about that... but I've never liked my color printers... they don't seem very archival???

April 14, 2009
Kelleigh Ratzlaff
Kelleigh Ratzlaff: ...
I struggle because I DON'T have a wide-format printer, but I DO still have 12x12 albums. So, I thought that I would print on my regular printer in 8x8, but do I actually do it? NO! I've printed a few of my layouts at my local print shop where I have to deal with grumpy Walt and a 1/2 in. margin all the way around my page. AND, I've printed a few of them at home . . . and I still haven't cut them out of the 8.5x11 page to slip into an album. I've created one Shutterfly album, but that was such a complicated mess and it still cut off part of my pages. Plus, I'm never sure what order I will want my pages in. I would have to say that the printing dilemma is THE #1 reason why I don't put my layouts into the hands of my kids. I wish that someone would just print off ALL of my pages for me and surprise me with a finished album. Sort of like, "While You Were Out" for scrapbookers.

April 14, 2009
Brandi White
Brandi: ...
I try and print most things out, although my son is four and it took me about 3 years to have his first year album complete and printed out. LOL! I would like to think if I had a wide format printer I would print them out right away (have an Epson artisan that I love), instead I upload to Costco and pick them up every couple of months. I do love the instant gratification of printing out my 8x8 pages at home, as soon as I finish them I print them out and slip them into albums smilies/smiley.gif An Epson r1900 is on my wish list, although I am trying to wait and see if they come out with a wi-fi version smilies/smiley.gif

April 14, 2009
Kari Holt
Kari Holt: ...
I got an Epson R1900 in August and still have yet to print any 12x12 pages!!! I printed several 8x8 pages at Costco from my first class here and I can't tell you how much my kids love looking through them - that alone should be reason enough to get them printed! I have done a few books through Shutterfly which I *LOVE* and will definitely do more of ... especially "themed" ones like our Disneyland trips, my December photo-a-day project, etc. My "plan" is to update my "Ready to Print" folder with the pages that are done and saved as .jpeg files so that I can start getting them printed. I am going to buy new albums for each of my kids (a different color for each child like Becky Higgins does) and get started - sounds like the perfect summertime project!! Anyone wanna join me? I want to print one page per week for each one of my children for a total of 4 pages a week. Weekends excluded, of course smilies/wink.gif Some will be the same layout printed 4 times (one for each of their albums). That will be a good start for me and will hopefully get me in the habit so that I will do it more regularly! Thanks for bringing this up, Jess! Now I'm excited to get these pages printed and into albums that my family can ENJOY!!!! Used to feel overwhelming - now I can't wait!

April 14, 2009
Kristen Sparkes
Kristen Sparkes: ...
Being very, very new to digital scrapbooking, I wouldn't even know where to begin to know where to have my 12x12 pages printed in Australia.
Jessica, Thank you for your self-paced digital scrapping course, I am thoroughly enjoying them.

April 14, 2009
Joann McQuaid
Joann McQuaid: ...
I enjoy printing at

April 14, 2009
Marilyn Linsley
Marilyn Linsley: ...
I just started digi in January with your classes. I started an Album titled my Digital Journey and have had Costco print all the lesson pages and challege pages for the classes plus a few other pages I did to cement the techniques in my brain. Even this bothers me because I live 90 miles from a Costco so have to wait until I have a few pages before getting them printed. I wonder about the after market cost of a large format printer (ie) paper and ink. Can anyone tell me about what it costs to print a 12x12 LO?
Oh! I absolutely HAVE to print the pages, I feel that I still want people(my Family) to be able to sit and look at the books as much as they like. My grandchildren love it and never visit without looking at books at least for awhile.

April 14, 2009
Sue Taylor: ...
Hi everyone! Well to be honest, I never trusted the paper I could get here in Dubai to print at home. I did manage to get a cool 4 x 6 Sony printer that uses technology much like "real" photo printers, so I am using that for small photos. After taking Up and Running, I was so pleased with my LO's I got them printed at and was very happy with the quality. I have also tried Shutterfly, but got a tad frustrated when I photoshopped a heap of photos and didn't realise they automatically use an enhancing technology; everything came out like a bad sunburn! BTW you can turn this off, it took me an hour to find out how!

I found the digi LO's look a bit flat in page protectors, and would prefer to make them into books eventually (I only have a handful at classes I have taken here, so I am a beginner really!). Would be really interested to hear how others have got on with photo books.

Thanks for the awesome classes Jessica (and Liv!). Sue

April 14, 2009
I've been digi for quite some time now after my paper years and have tried all kinds of sources for printing. I started out printing on my home printer and even purchased a wide format printer. Expensive when you add up the photo paper (that jamed on me a lot), inks and buying a book to slip them in to and I knew it was not true archival quality inks (I've checked with the manufacturers)... fine line, but not quit there. Costco had good single pages and good quality, but not what I wanted.

Then I started to create albums and storybooks for people also, quality became even more important to me. Went on a mad search for real bound books. Many places you couldn't print your own artwork pages and had to use their templates and put your photos in. Now, there are options out there. I've printed from several places and will never again buy a bound book that the binding is glued... very little use and it is breaking apart and the glue used is turning color which tells me it's NOT archival quality and I can't get anyone to give me the specs on the glue. Looked into many many places and found a company that gave high quality archival materials and it was printed into a real library SEWN book that would outlast generations. I became a consultant to represent this product I believed in it so much. I am now a heritage maker in my own business called Mommy and Me Storybooks and if nothing else I get high quality and a very nice discount even on regular pricing not including the awesome sales we do and I can offer our products to anyone from Christmas cards to canvas gallery wrapped art. I will NEVER go anywhere else again. Our life stories are too precious to be left in cyber space and NOT be printed! smilies/smiley.gif

April 14, 2009
Jackie Price
Jackie Price: ...
I have to say I am one of those who fell in love with digital right off the bat. I purchased a wide format printer and I haven't looked back. although I like the 12x12 format I also fell in love with the 8x8, 6x6, and everything in between. I print everything and give them for gifts. Ink is expensive, but the look on the faces of the receiptents is worth it. I am also thrilled to have found Jessica's website. It is hard to find a good digital site, and their are very few magazines out there. Thanks Jessica keep up the good work.

April 14, 2009
Michele Nuttle
Michele Nuttle: ...
As for printing or only having the pages online, I prefer to do both. My family loves to see the pages I have done and some of the pages I can't share online as they are of coworkers children which I prefer to not put online due to their privacy. I finally got caught up with printing the pages I have made digitally. I use Scrapbooks To Share ( they look fantastic. If I upload my pages on say a Thursday, I'll have the pages by Saturday. They are very fast about getting the pages printed and out the door the very day you order. I print 12X12 @ $2.00 a page for myself and family as I decided from looking at 8X8 and 12X12 beside each other that I loved the larger size and 8X8 @ $1.50 a page for anyone that wants that size. I have never had luck with the printers I have at home for getting good pictures (they either leave little white lines throughout or not correct coloring throughout or ...)so I think it is a waste of ink and photo paper for me and cheaper to get them printed online. I am very proud of the pages you and liv have taught me to make so I want to share them with everyone on and off the web.

April 14, 2009
Kristi Stansfield
Kristi Stansfield: ...
I started my scrapbooking addiction journey as a Creative Memories paper customer and could not wait until they released their software. Once I got a taste of digital I gave away my stuff and I have NOT missed it a bit. I completed several albums for myself and others using that software and it helped me get on my feet. I am currently "Up and Running with Photoshop" here on this website and I am looking forward to moving to the next level. I produce 8X8 albums for friends and relatives and save the bigger ones for home.
We have a Canon Pro9000 printer and even though it doesn't produce borderless 12X12 prints I find I don't mind it. I do get behind in printing mainly because my printer is in another room and I am lazy about running back and forth to set it up. When Scrapbooks Please had a sale and free shipping recently I had over 100 pages printed. My kids (teens and up) get our albums off the shelf all the time so I plan to always print my pages. There is still just something about a book in hand....
12X12 paper is hard to find. I have used the Epson 12X12 double sided scrapbook paper and it works well but is the most expensive. Recently I purchased 13X19 double sided matte paper from Red River on sale and I like it. Even if I waste the few inches at the bottom and don't print the other side (I have a hard time with the order of pages too :-) the paper cost is about $.50 per sheet. I use regular Canon glossy photo 81/2 X11 for 8X8 and I stock up when the store has it buy one get one free. I am open to hearing about other paper sources out there.
I'm the geek of the family so my latest venture has been monitor calibration and resetting and refilling the ink cartridges. With all there is to learn about this craft I know I'll never get bored :-)

April 14, 2009
Kathleen Difato
Kathleen Difato: ...
My dilemma. . . I have no place to store albums! Houses down South are known for their open floor plans but it means there aren't that many free walls available for shelves. This has led me to change my practices. About two years ago I started making more mini books, all different sizes and storing them in a basket in my family room. I just don't have the shelf space for the 12 x 12 albums. I find that my kids friends gravitate towards the mini books. But now that I'm "digital" I would like to see what the 12 x 12 pages look like printed. Also these books are "skinnier" than traditional so I may have to rethink again.

April 14, 2009
Ann Sheppard
Ann Sheppard: ...
I hate to admit it, but most of my layouts still reside inside my computer. I've printed out pages for mini-albums, but that's it. We don't have a Costco nearby and I haven't explored other online sites. My printer is 8.5 x 11 and I have several empty albums that are 12x12. I was just thinking this week though that I need to try to get some of my photos printed through one of the online printing companies. I have an Epson R600 that's really good, but I'm never quite satisfied with the ones I print at home.


April 14, 2009
chris orrell
chris: ...
I have had 5 books printd at shutterfly and love them.(2 12x12 and 3 8x8.s) I print out 8x8 at home and slip them into album sleeves but am going towards getting all done in book form at shutterfly. but as I have lots of pages still to be scrapped I also have lots of unprinted pages on my computer, sometimes I just print a few out so I have got some for the bookshelf.

April 14, 2009
Angela Hinksman
Angela Hinksman: ...
I am fortunate enough to have both a great printer (Epson) as well as a super-fast and super-quality online printing service. I tend to use both; printing my digi papers at home, and my photos thru the online service - I can pick my photos up instore usually within an hour of uploading! I often print my small hybrid projects, such as 4x6 inch brag books at my local Kodak kiosk (in my local supermarket). This is becuase once the kiosk machine prints the LOs, it covers them in a waterproof covering which makes my projects really durable with a high quality finish smilies/wink.gif

April 14, 2009
JeanneD: ...
Most of my digi layouts reside happily on my EHD and get shared with friends through my blog. My paper stash includes more than 20 scrapbook albums . . . mostly 12 x 12. Then I discovered Bind-it-All and it changed that way I do albums. Any size, any shape. Love it. No more page protectors. If I think I'm going to have a problem with pages sticking, I just add a little felt embellishment to one page. Problem solved. So now I do my own printing of digi and hybrid pages for stacks and stacks of mini albums. Gotta love the evolution of this addiction er hobby.

April 14, 2009
Wow, everyone has a lot to say on this! How great is that? I have printed bound books at Shutterfly for gifts and I love them. However, I never quite seem to get a whole series done to make a book.

I print 12x18 at Costco and keep the 12x12 and gift the 6x6's. I managed to complete and print the 2007 pages (in 2007) and I realize now that I haven't printed a single one since then. Yikes! I have great intentions...I also have an Epson wide-format printer (an older one - 1700?) but it lives in its box in the basement. I never used it. It wasn't worth the hassle and the cost and the prints never look as good as commercial printing.

I have shared some layouts online but not most of them. Just the 365's from this year. I guess I really am doing this just for me because no one else can see them. Hmmm.

April 14, 2009
I print EVERYTHING that I create. It’s important for me to be able to be able to see and touch my layouts and that there’s a book that anyone can pick up off the bookshelf and leaf through. While I loved paper scrapping I’m not drawn to it anymore. I enjoy digi too much. I now just use my paper stash for my daughter to scrap with and for my “altered art.” At least it’s still getting used (albeit slowly).

Sometimes my issue is that I print TOO quickly and don’t give myself enough time to mull over my layout. I’m often scrapping late at night (and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning when I really get into it), and I’m quick to send it off to Costco to print. I save my most recent layouts as my computer wallpaper, and then when I look at it again in the morning I occasionally notice a typo or something I’d like to tweak just a bit. Luckily the people at the Costco photo lab know me really well by now so they’re very nice about just letting me print it again for free. (They’re great over there.) It’s so convenient and I’m at Costco so often anyway that I’m not really tempted to get a good quality large format photo printer anymore.

I also have an online blog/gallery where I post all my layouts so that I can share them with family (or anyone else who wants to look at them). I also post my layouts to the website “stores” where I purchased the supplies I used. I too like to get feedback from others in the digi world!

Oh ... I print my 12x12s on 12x18 paper and use the bottom to print extra copies of the LOs in 6x6 format. I usually give one 6x6 version to my mother and I keep one for myself in a big pile.

April 14, 2009
Lisa Willis
Lisa DiGeso: ...
I've only just started digi scrapping, and would like to be able to print 12x12 pages at home instead of sending them off somewhere. We have a great lab that we love and use in our photography business, but I'd rather print my hobby stuff at home. Here's why I don't print. I have the WORST LUCK with printers. I have never owned a printer where all I had to do was press print and got the output I wanted. I had a cheapy Lexmark one time that I got free from work when I worked for IBM, and it was the BEST printer as far as reliable performance. Most recently I had an Epson CX4800 All In One that did a fairly decent job of printing, but everytime I went to print, it told me one of the ink cartridges was out of ink!!! EVERYTIME!!!!! I currently have an Epson RX500 AIO that I inherited from my dad - SAME THING as the other one!! I have to buy $#$%^&^% ink cartridges for that thing almost WEEKLY!!! It won't even SCAN a greyscale document if one of the ink cartridges is out! I can't even express how frustrating this is for me. I've heard so many great things about the R1900 and I really, really want a wide format printer, but I really feel like I shouldn't waste my money on another Epson since I've probably already bought and paid for two of them with the amount of money I've spent on ink cartridges for the other 2 Epsons I've owned. UGH!!!! Does the R1900 do this??? People tell me my problem is I don't print enough and the cartridges dry out but holy cow - how much do I need to print?? I'm really conscious about wasting paper and I don't like to print a lot of unnecessary things, and I especially don't like to waste expensive photo paper. I just got a small Canon pixma which I'm secretly hoping is mechanically superior to the Epsons but really I'm too disgusted to even print on it.

April 14, 2009
Robin: ...
I print my "better" pages which typically come from the more advanced classes that you teach us because they are "good enough to print." I do 12x12 format and send to Costo and I typically pick them up myself. I do the Costco thing because I figure at $2.99/12x12, that's not a bad price, although it does make it so I have to be picky about what I print. My printer is only 8.5x11, but even if I did have a printer that prints at 12x12, I figure I would pay more than $2.99/12x12 to do my own. (I haven't figured out how to determine how many prints I would get from a cartridge of ink.)

So far, the prints I have made I have given to my Mother and Father-in-law (they are computerless, and my mil loves photographs) and they hang in frames on their wall. They love to look at the detail in them. For myself, I plan to have an album with my layouts in it.

I love my digital layouts but I have to admit that I feel a "lack of depth" with them. But then I think about all that I can do digitally (brushes especially) and forget about the lack of depth issue. That's where I'm hoping your hybrid classes might help me.

April 14, 2009
Robin: ...
I should also say that I was planning to print my album from Digi In Deep class, but the cost is so steep at Shutterfly. It sounds like others in this particular post have mentioned other sites and prices that are a lot more appealing to me. I'll be checking them out. Thanks for asking this question Jessica.

April 14, 2009
Marian Hein
Marian Hein: ...
I have struggled with this question as well. With my digital camera, I find myself taking tons more pictures than I used to. So I struggle with what I should scrapbook etc. So here's what I've decided for now: I print one copy of all my pictures and then have Costco or whoever is printing them also make a backup disk of the photos. The photos go in a generic type album filed chronologically. My scrapbooking has changed as well. Because of your wonderful classes, I scrapbook not just events, but life. And I don't use all the pictures. I have been printing out my 12x12 pages at Costco for the simple reason, that I love looking at the albums and so do my kids. I have also moved away from scrapping just one size. I scrap some pages in 8 1/2 x 11, some in an 8 x 8 size and those I can print out at home. I also make a copy of my 12 x 12 pages in an 8 x 8 format that I keep in a small book just for me. When my kids move out, they can take their albums and I will still have the digital files that I keep on disks and the smaller versions that I can keep myself.

April 14, 2009
Margaret Eastman
Margy Eastman: ...
I just started doing digi-layouts and I still do mostly paper or hybrid. I print everything out on my dinky little printer, but I do print out my digi-pages. I design most of them in 8.5x11, but 12x12s I print at 8.5x8.5. Now that I write this, I realize how convoluted my system is. I have nonesmilies/grin.gif Bottom line, I love the hard copies. I write the credits on the back of each and put them in the album that fits. I have one wonderful little boy who some day will inherit this hodge-podge of albums. Hope he enjoys them!


April 14, 2009
Marjorie Van Patten
Marjorie Van Patten: ...
I love seeing my layouts in print!! Holding and viewing the actual print makes them "real" to me. I love sharing my layouts on facebook but virtual isn't quite the same to me. I'm like a little kid at Christmas when that package of prints arrives at my door via US Mail. Like many of us, I started years ago with what is now referred to as traditional scrapbooking. Thanks to Cathy Zielske's blog I made my way over to the Spragueground and took on digi...with a vengence! I still have a passion for paper and all its wonderful accessories; so striking a balance with hybrid is right up my alley. That being said, whether I do a complete digi layout or a partial for a hybrid page, I always upload it to and save it in one of the many albums I have set up. Unless I'm in a rush to get a gift project completed, I will wait for sale pricing; then order away... and stand at the window, with my nose pressed against the glass, awaiting the arrival of that package of the real thing!smilies/smiley.gif Have a wonderful day!

April 14, 2009
Ann Daly
Ann Daly: ...
When I began digi scrapbooking I made the decision to print my digi pages at home in 8 x 8 format. I futhur decided to continue to paper scrap all of our trips ( 12 x 12 format) and to digi scrap all the other wonderful times of our lives. I am able to print copies of my digi pages for my daughters to add to their albums to highlight their children's antics! Now that I have started to do hybrid I will incorporate hybrid into my 12 x 12 traditional pages of our trips (we take many) and continue with the 8 x 8 digi albums for everything else. It is a good fit for me! ~Ann

April 14, 2009
Octavia Toso
Octavia Toso: ...
It sounds like I fit in with many. I have all my layouts on my EHD. I have printed some 12 x 12 and 8 x 8's to show to people at the office as they are interested in what I have shared with them regarding I also have many layouts flipping on my computer screen as my screen saver. I went so far as to put together the album we did in our class to download to shutterfly, but there were issues with the layouts (most likely the size) so I never printed the book. Those pages that I have printed have been from Costco (12 x 12) and the 8 x 8's I print at home.

April 14, 2009
Good topic! It's funny because today is the last day of the "square" print sale at, and I have been uploading and organizing for a couple of days to get an order in. That said, that's where I print---everything. I still do paper LOs and lots of digi layouts, they go side-by-side in my albums. I don't scrap chronologically but ultimately I organize chronologically, if that makes sense. So my albums are in order but I scrap whatever I feel the desire to scrap, and do it paper or digi. Lately I do more digi at home, and when I am with friends, I scrap paper, and I still love those gatherings!

For me, printing from home seems like "chore," plus, I don't always trust my printer with the latest and greatest, and I just prefer lab results. I guess also it seems more expensive w/the cost of ink these days, and can I really compete with a 12x12 for $2.49 that is gorgeous in quality? I think paper + ink at home costs more than that for one page, but I have never really done the math on it. PLUS, when I get a "package" of photos and LOs at my door, I am THRILLED and with digi pages, I feel the thrill twice---once with completing it on my computer and again when I get the print delivered and immediately put it in my album (I never wait). I print about once a month and never have digi pages sitting on my computer much longer than that. I just yearn to get them in albums, it's just the way I am.

I usually spend about $20 - $50 per month in a photo order, and I find that I print consistently each month, but not at a certain time. I keep a running list in my scrap room of "to print" things. Sometimes that means a few pictures I want to add to a paper LO, or maybe one I wanted enlarged, and sometimes that is just a barrage of 4x6s, and of course digi layouts. When I finish a digi layout, I usually upload to into my 12x12 - To Print folder right away, so they are waiting there when I am ready to get prints made.

I'm going to now go and see what others do---this is a good topic. =)

April 14, 2009
dawn s
dawn s: ...
I am REALLY bad at not printing out my digi LO's and I'm not quite sure why (I guess just laziness)?!?
I will print out photos from Costco or on my little Epson PictureMate. I'll also print out projects for other people...I've done calendars, quote books and notecards for gifts. On my "list of things to do" is to have my LO's printed by the end of this summer (we'll see how that goes...LOL)!

April 14, 2009
Mary Anne Chevalier
Mary Anne Chevalier: ...
I'm fairly new to digi and scrapbooking period. I swore I wasn't going to get into scrapbooking because I already had too many hobbies that needed space to store all the stuff I needed. When I discovered digital, I thougth I'd give it a try. I must confess to taking more classes, than actually producing, but I love the possibilities! I would like to print 11 x 8.5", but can't find albums this size. Any suggestions. Wish I had a Costco close. Has anyone used Kinko's?

April 14, 2009
Wendy  Davis
Wendy Davis: ...
After I took my first class here, I couldn't wait to get my layouts printed. Alas, I don't have a fab Epson R1900 (but would certainly be tempted if a coupon was in the offering-hint, hint). So armed with my new digi LO's I uploaded them to several places. I was most happy with the layouts from a company called Mpix. They are more $$$ than Costco or Shutterfly but I prefer the results. I still use them and try to upload every few months or so, depending on how prolific I've been. I guess I'm a traditionalist when it comes to scrapbooking and really like to have my layouts in my book. At the moment, I have all my digi layouts in one 3-ring binder. There isn't any rhyme or reason to the book other than it's all digi with a few paper LO's sprinkled in. Eventually I will seperate them ala Stacy Julian's Library of Memory albums but for now, it's working just fine and I'm actually okay with it even though I've been a chronic chronological scrapbooker until recently. I've also made a few photo books recently with my new iMac and I absolutely love, love, love the results. I haven't tried using Shutterfly to do a book but I'm sure I will in the near future. So go forth and print! I bet you'll love the results.

April 14, 2009
Judy: ...
I have the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 wide printer that I have used exclusively for printing 8X8 layouts since January 1. (I have been taking Jessica's classes non-stop.) I put fresh ink cartridges in my printer when I started the classes. Total cost for 6 cartridges was $120. I have printed 36 layouts and I am getting low cartridge warnings on three of the cartridges. I might get 4 more layouts printed before having to replace all of the cartridges.

So my ink cost per layout for 8X8 pages is $3 a page. If I printed 12X12 pages, it would jump from 64 square inches to 144 square inches per layout. When I do the math, that would be $6.75 per page -- not including the cost of the paper.

I didn't realize that I was spending this much on printing at home. I have easy access to a Costco store; so I will switch right away to printing there. There's only so much value in instant gratification!

I bought my wide printer for printing titles and journaling on my paper scrapbook pages. I think that I will stick with that plan.

April 14, 2009
meredith rooney
meredith rooney: ...
I am in the process of making four 12x12 scrapbooks as gifts and I have had at least seventy five pages printed at and have been overwhelmed by the quality. I have an HP wide format printer that I use for 8 1/2 x 11 and 8x8 but I haven't found the quality of paper to print 12x12. I hope to use it now more for the Scrapbook Alchemy.

April 14, 2009
Elaine: ...
I print for my kids, family & friends. I am a hybrid who prints all photo and collages and at home and completes with paper embellishments. But now with my new wide format printer, HP B8550, and thanks to all those wonderful tutorials am into digital, unlike 99% of my friends. I print my 8X8 and 12 x 12 in 13x19 paper and use the remaining space for photos for paper scrapbooking. But I do not print all the layouts because am a beginner and want to get some more practice.


April 14, 2009
Kelly Wayment
Kelly Wayment: ...
I still love paper scrapbooking, but have been doing digital for almost a year and a half. My 12x12 albums are chronological and I have a mix of paper and digital layouts, also with a variety of sizes inside. Someone asked about 11x8.5" albums: American Crafts sells them on

I'm always on the frugal side, so don't print much at home and feel like a wide-format printer would be too expensive for paper and ink. I'm lucky enough to have a Costco nearby which I visit frequently, usually uploading photos and picking up same or next day, so all my digital LO's and photos I have printed there. I still only print a 12x12 if I'm really happy with it; if I don't like it so much but still want a hard copy I'll print 8x8 and add to a 12x12 paper layout just to save on the price.

I have enjoyed doing 8x8 theme albums with Shutterfly if my event is too big for a large layout in my chronological albums. Their quality is better than several other bound-album websites I've tried. I just wait for a sale before placing my order. And I love that my kids can look at them all they want without me cringing as they flip the pages.

I am absolutely thrilled with Jessica's new Scrapbook Alchemy class. That way I get to use my digital skills and mix with the paper layouts that I love. I even printed on my home printer! I wish I knew how to easily figure out on my printer how much cost per page or per 4x6 print is, because it does a good job (HP Photosmart).

April 15, 2009
Louise Roberts
Louise Roberts: ...
I print as soon as the layouts done and I'm happy with it.smilies/grin.gif I print 8 x 8 only at the moment. I even email some of them to family members overseas to keep them up to date on family snapshots of what we've been up to, as opposed to sending photos.


April 15, 2009
Good and timely question for sure.

I think right now the world is at a transitioning point. We are learning that to "own" something does not mean it needs to be tangible. We are learning it with music (iPod), with news (dying newspapers) and now photos.

So yes I believe printing is dying.

However, photos of our lives are precious... and we need to find ways to hold on to them. As time moves on Digital Photo frames will be a basic and important part of in our lives. That is what we here a have devoted ourselves to.

For many consumers, digital frames are a novelty, and when first purchased we find that owners will display anything and everything they snap. But over time they will edit down and show just those pictures that mean the most to them.

So really is the digital scrapbook far away?


April 15, 2009
Sandy Bones
mom2clr: ...
Wow....always good to have more printing resources! I just wanted to comment on the posts about not being close to a Costco. You don't have to be! You can upload online and have your pictures or layouts sent directly to your home. Shipping is free for photos, but I think that they do charge for larger items. I live right down the street from a Costco, but order my photos online and have them shipped for free!

April 15, 2009
Sylvia McLoone
Sylvia McLoone: ...
I was a traditional scrapper for many years until three months ago. I yet have to see my LOs on print and do plan to keep them in regular albums so I have them in hand to share. I have my old albums around the house and when we have company, especially family, I love to see them enjoy reminiscing while going through the pages. I am hoping I am not disappointed with the printed form of my LOs. But does anyone have recommendations of where I should go for quality and/or price?

April 16, 2009
Tanya Hughes
Tanya Hughes: ...
I only have an 8.5x11 printer (Canon PIXMA). I print pictures 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc. I have not printed LO's yet. I've saved them all to my hard drives. I think for me, I like to order my pictures or LO's from shutterfly or snapfish in a book.

April 16, 2009
Kate Williams
Kate Williams: ...
I'm a very tactile person so I love to look through my scrapbooks. I just recently started making digital pages so I didn't have a ton to print. I sent them to (which did a fantastic job by the way!). My kids love to look through all of my pages too. I love when their little memories are stirred by something that I made. I love digital scrapbooking because it allows be to capture a moment or memory quickly. It seems like something that seemed so relevant or real in my life has more flavor when I can scrapbook about it right after it happened. A big thanks to you Jessica for making this a reality in my life!!!
I've taken all but one of your scrapbook alchemy classes. I'm not done with my layouts, but I do love the combination of paper and digital. I also love slipping my newly finished layout inside of my page protector. It keeps it safe (from my boys ages 3 and 20 months) and also gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I think sometimes my OCD helps me finish things like that!!!! ha ha ha
I guess their are some good things about it. smilies/smiley.gif

April 16, 2009
Kate Williams
Kate Williams: ...
I love for printing my layouts. They do a wonderful job, and have great customer service!

April 16, 2009
Kate Williams
Kate Williams: ...
whoops I put the wrong their/there in my first comment.

April 16, 2009
I'm addicted to seeing my pages in print!smilies/smiley.gif I scrap somewhat chronologically and once a year is finished--send it off to CherishBound to be printed. I LOVE my hardcover books and my family doesn't leave them alone either. BUT, as soon as I have two pages done, I print them (reduced to fit) on my regular printer on photo paper. I justify the cost by considering it a PROOF copy. My mom looks everything over for spelling/typos and I look everything over for shadows and layering. I carry that stack of printed pages with me almost wherever I go, so I can proof whenever i am waiting in line at the doctor, etc. And I find myself sharing "what you can do" with people.

ON THE OTHER HAND... There are pages that I haven't/won't print. When I first started I frequently made LO's either for classes or for challenges that weren't something I would print in my books. While they might be interesting, they aren't the right colors/sizes, etc. for me to use. I still complete the pages from classes because I want to learn the techniques, then I transfer those skills to pages I will actually use. And I quit doing challenges that I won't use because I should be spending my time on something I will keep/print rather than something to earn a point or a prize.

April 16, 2009
Alis Priebe
Alis in Wnderlnd: ...
I do print quite a bit at home. I love seeing my stuff and posting it on my bulletin board. (Magnetic, no holes please)

My issue really comes with the color. i have been having some major problems with color and am seriously thinking of getting a new printer. I want my photos to look prefect.

April 16, 2009
Barbara Albrecht
Barbara Albrecht: ...
I would love to print everything. I have an Epson RX700 and the danged thing is all but worthless for consistant printing. Epson doesn't support this printer anymore and the only place I can find ink is directly from Epson. Everytime I want to print in color I have to clean the print heads which means tons of ink is wasted. I see that one person has what sounds like some of the same problems I'm having. I would love to replace my printer but don't have a clue what to get that would be cost effective. I don't have a Costco membership so can't use them. I haven't found any one who will print 12x12 locally (Austin, TX area). I have taken several LO's to Target but the digital file has to be "tweaked" to fool their printer into printing 8x8.

Right now I only print 8x8 but would love to go larger. I'm going to check out the websites that have been mentioned to see the costs. I'm on a limited budget and just don't like spending more in shipping than I'm spending on a product.

I'm finding this a VERY interesting conversation. I'd like to encourage everyone to please share URL's for the online photo printers and a short review of quality like some have already done.

April 16, 2009
I print my completed layouts (usually done in 12x12 one or two page spreads) pretty religiously about every 2-3 months. I then put them into albums for display where they can be enjoyed by all. I have had such success getting prints from that I don't feel a need to get a wide format printer, though I wouldn't refuse one if it were given to me as a gift!smilies/cheesy.gif

April 17, 2009
Anna: ...
okay, this has been a really great discussion! i have been drolling over the epson R1800 since it was made-so i envy you jess! i have digi scraped for 2 years, thanks to jess! i have printed maybe 10-12 layouts, and only so few becasue of the cost of printing. i doubt i could justify spending the $$$ for the printer, never mind actually paying for the paper and ink. as much as i'd like to! i really enjoy digi scrapping and still get so excited about it, that i can easily loose sleep over it. smilies/smiley.gif i have printed all of my 12X12 at costco. (our nearest costco is 5hrs away!) i have bought an 8X8 book from shutterfly and like it, but with the shipping it just added up too much. but i did order some 12X12's from shutterfly and found it to be reasonable.
i'm confident that if a costco was nearby, i'd probaly go to solid digi, because you could make LO's for cheaper then the hard core paper. but i also truly love hard core paper and playing with the real stuff too. so i guess what i'm saying is that i would print very often at costco if it was nearby! or if shipping wasn't so darn expensive!or if i could afford the R18oo and use it too!
i'm so thrilled that people have been talking about printing, that i'm totally rambling here...
also, i wanted to share that i am pretty confident that i am the first person in this town. (northern Alberta, Canada) to actually print digi 12X12 pages. everyone alwasy asks me how and where i made those LO's.
anyways, love your site jess, thanks for giving me the confidence to go into the digi world. hoping to be a more confident printer one day!

April 17, 2009
Nancy Jewkes
Nancy Jewkes: ...
I recently printed my completed layouts at Costco, because I live remotely I had them shipped to me. Thus I feel like I need to order several at a time. I do intend to print them and put them in albums and frames (got a deal on 12 12x12 shadow box frames) as my family and friends enjoy them, especially children and grandchildren. I have had a hard time finding an affordable place to print them, so far Costco is the most affordable ... I don't scrapbook chronolocially but like to do my books chronologically so have them bound at shutterfly or snapfish doesn't work real well. This way I can incorporate my paper scrappages, hybrid and digital all in one book.

April 17, 2009
Donna Fleischmann
Donna Fleischmann: ...
I absolutely have all of my pages printed and put them into albums. I used to have it done online but now I use Cosco. I'm an LOM/BPS alumni and I don't scrap chronologically. I scrap 12x12 and 8.5x11. I am also a traditional paper scrapper and am getting into hybrid. I have some of my 12x12's printed as 8x8's. I have a lot printed for my mother (in 8x8 and 8.5x11 so the books are easy for her to handle and store). I have a Canon wide format printer and an HP reg. 8.5x11/photo printer and all of the paper but never print out LO's at home just photos for trad./hybrid LO's. I also post many pages on my blogs (public and family/private). I send out pages in emails as well. I haven't done the digi frame yet but would like to. I have framed digi prints as gifts for my mother.
I guess I'm all over the place. I LOVE that I can share my digi pages so easily and in such a variety of ways! My family seems to be enjoying it all!
Hope this helps!
Donna smilies/smiley.gif

April 17, 2009
Jean Rood
Jean Rood: ...
I have been reading all these comments, and it disturbs me to see all the people who are not printing these precious memories. We are all so "into" digital we forget it is a fleeting technology, because what is the top piece of equipment today will be obsolete tomorrow, and it is all too possible that you will lose all your photos as well as layouts. Do you remember the little floppy disc? I believe these photographic memories are only permanent if they are printed with archival products, and this means archival inks, papers, and storage. We use an Epson 2200 large format printer and an Epson RX580 all in one, which have been calibrated to the Epson papers and inks. We get excellant results but find it is less expensive to print the scrapbook pages at Costco or Creative Memories labs. My husband prints his own fine art photography prints at home. I am using Creative Memories excellant software called Storybook Creator Plus which lets you customize everything and produces beautiful stitched archival books. I also have so many photos which are not digital that I will never give up traditional scrapbooking but love to combine it with some digital things. The bottom line for me is to print everything if you want it to last.

April 18, 2009
Sara Miller
Sara Miller: ...
I actually have an epson (r2400-just had to look, awful isn't it?) and never use it for printing photos. i have never been able to get my layouts to look like the screen. I have contacted epson, tried calibrating the monitor-everything. so i end up uploading to to print. would love to know if anyone else has run into the discussions!

April 18, 2009
Christy: ...
I am a book binder so I make lots of different sized books. I like to make books about an event or occasion. I recently completed a hybrid-book about the impending birth of my grandchildren (yes, twins) that I printed 8x8 and used acrylic pages. I made smaller versions from the leftovers for myself and the babies' other grandmother. Well, I still had a stack of 4x4"s so I made my mother a tiny book about our trip to see the CUBS at Spring Training. I couldn't have done all this without printing my own stuff.

I don't scrap in traditional albums and I have never printed 12x12 in any form. I do make some pages that way, but haven't really used them. I have lots more pages than I have printed. I am actually thinking of putting them in a digital photo frame.

April 18, 2009
Antigone Trowbridge
Antigone Trowbridge: ...
Here is my trepidation on printing at home. Back in the day, I took Photography in college and high school. At the end of film development and picture printing, you have the vinegar-smelling Fixer stage. If you did a poor job on that last step, invariably the BW photo turned purple and grey. Over the years, I have printed just a very few photos on my printer at home. Sometimes, they came out of the printer fabulous. But over time.... ah, Time - you are a harsh lady! Time causes color changes that are just not acceptable. I have a print of my parent's wedding snapshot that we had to quickly print and hang in order to finish decorating in a rush. We printed it no more than 4 years ago and while it was BW when we started, now it is lavenders and greys. Basically, I have never had a print that was printed from a home printer that 1) looked as good as from a commercial printer and 2)had not changed color over time. So I print 12x12 from Costco for myself and when I give pages to people who I know are not AVID scrappers themselves (and therefore don't keep 12x12 albums around) I buy 8x8. I have also used pages in a family calendar (printed from an online service) and in books printed from online services. I imagine that there are good printers out there that have a history with no color distortion after say 10 years. But I am SURE it is out of my price range. And frankly, since printers have moving parts - they are absolutely going to have mechanical issues over time... so I would need to see a consumer reports article on the issue to be convinced that printing at home was economical smilies/smiley.gif

April 19, 2009
Sharyn Law-Davis
Sharyn Law-Davis: ...
Yikes - no fair question. My family love to go back over my old paper albums and I feel kind of guilty that since digital the layouts are all on disc and EHD.

I would love to print 12x12 at home. I have an Espon RX700 A4 size and do hybrid and other shape projects from that. No where here that I can even get good photo prints developed that last - so any photo's are printed at home.

I have been disappointed in some of the printing at home - my layouts don't look like they do on the screen. So I have been loathe to do too many.

Since starting digital scrap in 2005 I have done over 1200 layouts - none of which have been printed in 12 x 12 so I don't even want to imagine the cost of getting them done.

Maybe I need to rethink my way of scrapping. Go back to paper.

NAH!!! smilies/grin.gif

April 19, 2009
Shawn Wenrich
Shawn Wenrich: ...
I do print all of my digital pages. I don't product a lot of strictly digi but the one's I've created are printed and either in my albums or hanging on the wall.

April 20, 2009
robyn marais
robyn marais: ...
When I first started digital scrapping I religiously printed them out in 8x8 or 8x11. Then I got the Epson R1800 and printed them on 12x12 format. I have however been a bit slack in the last while and need to get my pages printed and in albums as my girls love to look through their albums.

April 20, 2009
I'm quite guilty of leaving them on my computer and sending them to friends and family. I have however made copies to disk as well as my laptop.

April 20, 2009
Valerie: ...
Here's what I do:
I make a 12x12 calendar each year that hangs in our kitchen. Most of the time, I make a double page layout for that month and put one of the pages on the calendar. Sometimes it's a single page layout (now that I've gotten over the hump of only doing double page layouts thanks to the Jessica Sprague classes). When the year is over, I take the layouts off the calendar and I print the second page of the double page layouts. If I have multiple grandchildren in a layout, I print a set for each grandchild's album. When I make layouts that don't go on a calendar, I print them out as soon as possible and put in the applicable child's album. I print these individual pages at home on my Epson 1280.

I have also made ABC books for my grandchildren, and I print them on double-sided Epson matte paper and print in my regular Epson printer. Rather than have these albums printed as a photo book, I want the kids to enjoy handling them. If any pages get damaged I can easily reprint for them.

I made a 2008 month-in-review album and once it was completed, I printed it as a Shutterfly book. So, when I have a project like that which has a definite beginning and ending, I like to print them as a photo book. I've done a book for the guys in my family from their trip to Brazil for peacock bass fishing and I plan to do a book for the Caribbean cruise I took last week with my one of my daughters and my granddaughter. I'm also almost done with my 2007 month-in-review album, thanks to my recent DID class. And I plan to print it as a Shutterfly book as well.

I also have a Disney album to make for two grandchildren I took to Disneyland last year. But I think I'll buy Disney 8x8 albums and print the layouts for those.

Plus I have a wall in my kitchen that I am covering with 12x12 and 8x8 layouts framed. I have about 14 layouts on the wall, and I plan to change them out over time.

So, long story short. I print my layouts. My family likes to look at them in albums and books, not on the computer or on a web site.


April 20, 2009
Ginger Wilson
Ginger Wilson: ...
COSTCO in LA, specifically the 6100 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411 has an excellent developing lab. Not all Costco labs are created equal, as I have learned the hard way. However, this particular location is up with the lastest and greatest technology as they do great volume for the Entertainment Industry out there. Anyone who knows, that is the industry that all business service, an they are very demanding. That said, they know what they are doing. I use to live near by, but when moved back east, often get orders shipped. Sometimes the larger items arrive with fox ears. They are good about reprints, but you do have to return the damages goods. That can be a pain. I also print my own layouts, but because of the convenience I find myself saving and saying I will get to it soon. Often, later then sooner if at all.

April 21, 2009
Ginger Wilson
Ginger Wilson: ...
Just an added comment as I missed the survey. I don't know another digital or hybrid scrapbook here in Weston, Connecticut. Not from a shortage or trying. I am surprised by this, as this community is pretty with it and family oriented. When we say scrapbooking they think stickers and Avon like parties. I just take a deep breath. In LA we had a great circle of fun people who did all of it, even scrapbook camp. So, I am sad to not join them anymore, but would be opened to new buddies. If you know of any, please give them my email. I have posted before on several forums, but they just don't exist. Its not fun staying up late by yourself, ALL THE TIME. My best friend and neighbor use to leave a special light on that I could see from my studio, to indicate she was up and cropping. I joined her... big fun. Now I have acres of trees between the neighbors. Still have cell phone, phone or email though, Texting too.

April 21, 2009
Linda Sims
Linda Sims: ...
So far I've printed about everything I've made, which is not a whole lot. I find that the ones Ive made that tell a story, heritage, event, trip, etc I've been more anxious to get printed. The ones that are just pretty, flowers, scenery, a single picture without a story, etc I don't feel a need to print unless I've made it for someone else. I've used and so far.

April 22, 2009
Bev Stephenson
Bev Stephenson: ...
I think printing is really really important. If we create this pages digitally and never print them, then one day they will be lost. Even with all the backups that we do, I truly don't see electronic media as permanent. I have photographs from 40 or 50 years ago, I don't believe I will have electronic images (or the capability to view them) in 50 years. Technology changes.

As for how to print them, there is a printer in the UK that will print 12x12 for 60p which is pretty reasonable, but I am now leaning towards waiting until I have 20 or 30 pages and getting them printed directly into a book, Shutterfly (or others) will print your layouts straight into a 12x12 photobook, I think that's going to be my preferred option from now on, they are a lot thinner than a traditional scrapbook album so much easier to store as well.

April 22, 2009
Marietta Campbell
Marietta Campbell: ...
I don't actaully do any digital scrapbooking but plan to soon and I have many a neighbors that do. We invested in an Epson 4880 wide format printer. It has 8 seperate 220ML cartiages. I now am the go to place for everyone I know to get their pages printed. I print 12x12's for only $1.80 a page- pretty close to Costco and a lot more convienent (if your my neighbor that is). I'm doing my part to get pages out of everyone's computers and into their hands! The printer like I say was an Investment but if you know enough people that already get them printed....

April 26, 2009

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