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Jessica Sprague

Thank you to everyone who joined in our discussion at! Or tried (hehe, we tend to crash servers wherever we go, don't we, my friends?)

As promised, here is the announcement for the final class of 2009, and best of all, it's FREE! This is one that I really hope you'll invite friends and family to come participate in!

My last class of the year will be a FREE one, and EVERYONE who has a story to tell is invited. That is everyone. Hehe. ;)
New class:
December Delight: Capturing Holiday Hopes, Memories & Wonderment
November 16-23
Registration begins Monday, November 2 at
Cost: FREE!
All are welcome! - Registration is unlimited!

More graphics, details, and so forth are coming! Mark your calendar, my lovelies!

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Teresa : ...
Thank you sooo much your kindness is very much appreciated smilies/cheesy.gif

October 29, 2009
Cool stuff Jessica!

October 29, 2009
Kim Hansen
Kim Hansen: ...
crashed the server (he He He) It's true. That's hilarous! Excited for the class. THANK YOU.

October 29, 2009
Kathleen Drolette
Kathleen Drolette: ...
Couldn't get in over there.....we started our own chat at your website Jessica...but only 8 people came. Oh well, it was fun. Can't wait to take the new class!!! Kathy Oh....and THANKS again!

October 29, 2009
Debbie Moore
Debbie: ...
Thanks Jessica! Can't wait!! I'll add it to my ever growing list of J*S classes to complete! LOL! But I'm having fun in my almost empty nest, and that's what matters, right?! Btw, I finally gave up over "there", and came back here to Chat. It's so easy here!! smilies/grin.gif

October 29, 2009
Monda H. DeWeese
Monda H. DeWeese: ...
Oooooh! I can hardly wait - having your special touch on a holiday project will be a present in and of itself. Thanks for sharing your talent so generously!

October 29, 2009
SusanD: ...
Wow! Very cool! Thank you, Jessica!


October 29, 2009
Caroline: ...
Really excited at this - learned so much on the last one.

October 29, 2009
Meg Stocks
Meg Stocks: ...
How awesomely cool is this?? I tried for 20 min to get into the chat.....bummer about the servers! Guess we should warn people in advance! Can't wait to see all the Sprag-peeps in this very cool class....thanks, Jessica!

October 29, 2009
Laurie Moon
Laurie Moon: ...
So excited about this! Thanks so much....AGAIN, Jessica! smilies/smiley.gif PS Meg, it took me about 20 minutes to log into the chat, then it took at least 5 minutes to post a comment! Ha! But I think they survived our presence! Heehee!

October 29, 2009
Ayesha Weijs
Ayesha Weijs: ...
I'm very excited; not having a clue yet as to what kind of class it will be, but I'm sure it will be an awesome experience!

October 29, 2009
Marilyn Linsley
Marilyn Linsley: ...
I am so excited!!! I've taken 10 of your classes and I have LOVED them all. My friends and family love the stuff I create and it is all thanks to you. I have sent countless people to your site and they love it also. Thanks again for your great classes and generosity.

October 29, 2009
Kendra Grande
Kendra: ...
Wow, this sounds great! Thank you Jessica. You are amazing!

October 29, 2009
Rachael Sheedy
Rachael: ...
This sounds great! Your classes always rock. smilies/smiley.gif

October 29, 2009
elaine: ...
Hi Jessica,
The chat room specified the registration date as November 1, which is correct? I hope it is November 1 because I notified everyone I could of your class.
Thank you

October 29, 2009
Debra Putnam
Debi Putnam: ...
Yea!!! Two of my most favorite things ... the Holidays AND a Jessica Class!!!!!

Way Cool!!!! See everyone in class. I'll be there and I'm sure you will too!


October 29, 2009
Jana Holden
Jana Holden: ...
Jessica, you continue to completely spoil us! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what all your new class will hold! See everyone in class, and just in time for the holidays! That's like a big, fat, early Christmas present! Thanks Jess! Love ya tons!

October 29, 2009
I was hoping to get to take another Jessica class sooner rather than later. Can't wait!

October 29, 2009
Oh, yes! Count me in!! I cannot wait to see what you have got cookin' for us!

October 29, 2009
Donna Davis
Donna Davis: ...
smilies/smiley.gifThanks Jessica for the free class just before the holidays. Like I said before, I think you're awesome!

October 29, 2009
Susan Kopp
Susan Kopp: ...
Yeah I'll be here with bells on as soon as I get off work! I can't wait for another class.

October 29, 2009
Shirley VanWieren
Shirley Van Wieren: ...
I'm having withdrawals from T+W2 so this makes my day! Can't wait to see everyone in class and thank you Jessica! You rock!

October 30, 2009
Laurie Pecotte
Laurie Pecotte: ...
The registration date is November 2. That was a typo in the chat room. But don't worry. Registration is unlimited, so you won't miss out. smilies/wink.gif

October 30, 2009
Kim Besta
Kim Besta: ...
Thanks for your generosity Jessica! I can't wait - every class is rich in content.

October 30, 2009
Thanks Jessica...I know it's going to be awesome! You're the best smilies/smiley.gif

October 30, 2009
Sue: ...
I am so excited....Thank You Jessica for the class!

October 30, 2009
Chrystal Hollingsworth
Chrystal Hollingsworth: ...
*squealing with delight*

October 30, 2009
Jeanne: ...
Wowie! A terrific Halloween treat! Thanks Jessica! {{{hugs}}}

October 31, 2009
YAY YAY YAY! it's playtime with jes again! WAHOO!! smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif

October 31, 2009
michelle seizys
michelle seizys: ...
i'm literally SO excited! i have been negligent in my scrapping even though i have thousands of photos of Ben now! someone please light a fire under my butt!!!!!!!!!!

October 31, 2009
kim branson
Kim Branson: ...
Very exciting, Jes! See you on Monday smilies/cheesy.gif

October 31, 2009
Jill Brunks
Jill Brunks: ...
This sounds like a fun class. I have enjoyed every class I've taken at JS so far and am sure this one will be just as fun. Can't wait to register. Anyone know when and where? I keep checking the home page at JS but nothing there about registering.

November 02, 2009

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