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Kari Holt

Happy Sunday!! Here's hoping you've had a fabulous week and that you've had time to get some of your stories told in your scrapbook pages and projects. I've been traveling this week - visiting all of my family and my husband's family. My children are completely overjoyed to have had so much "cousin time" since we don't live close to any of our family members, and I've taken TONS of photos to capture all of the fun!!! Now, hopefully I can find some time to get some pages scrapped *wink*

Now, to shine the light on another of our community members and *new* mentors, it's time to turn our attention to Lisa Breuer! Lisa is a crazy good scrapper who fills our gallery with fabulous pages! She is also the "oldest" mentor on our team, being one of the first 150 members to register here at jessicasprague.com - how cool is that?!?


1. Name and JS.com username ... is there a story behind your username?

Here at JS.com I go by "Latz". It started out as the name of my consulting company. I wanted something that was not my real name (which is what many do, but how BORING), but I knew I couldn't get too wild since I work in a conservative area--engineering (and I am pretty conservative myself), but I also wanted it to mean something to me. At the time my family consisted of just me (Lisa), my daughter (Anna) and my dog (Terzaghi). The "L" is for Lisa, the "a" is for Anna and finally the "tz" was for my dog, Terzaghi (that name is for another story!). Often "Lisa" or some form of it was already in use on most sites so I just started using "latz" on the digi sites too.

2. What are your favorite scrapping snacks? Favorite cold drink?

I don't eat and scrap much at the same time, but I usually have a cold Diet Moutain Dew (caffeine free) next to me.

3. You have 24 hours of complete and total free time ... how do you spend it?

Now that would be a dream! I suppose it wouldn't be anything extravagant, just having the time to relax, read a good book, enjoy a ride on my bicycle, photograph my kids where they would be cooperating, cuddle and talk with my husband.

4. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Since I can dream a bit here, I'd have to say New Zealand and Iceland.


5. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

The ability to freeze time of everything around me while I would be able to keep going and get things done. Realistically, I probably just need to prioritize.

6. PC or Mac?

PC (being an engineer I stick with PCs)


7. What version of Photoshop do you use? What is your favorite shortcut or tool?

Just in the process of upgrading to PSE 9 from version 7. I'm excited about the new version but not looking forward to installing all my favorite actions again. My favorite tools are the brush tool (I love brushes and use them on many of my layouts) and the magic wand tool (which I use often to select areas of things to recolor).

8. Paper, Digi, or Hybrid?

Digi all the way and it's all Jessica's fault (I even made a layout about that once). I'm a mess when it comes to cutting and gluing, but I do admire the hybrid work of others.

9. Do you talk to your computer? Does it have a name?

No, but I listen to it a lot.


10. Favorite thing about JessicaSprague.com? Favorite class?

My favorite thing about JS is easy--it's the friendships I've made over the years! Having recently completed Digi in Deeper I have to say that's my favorite one, but I could say that about each one.

I've had the privilege of meeting Lisa "in real life" and she is as fabulous in person as you would imagine ... hope you've enjoyed getting to know just a bit more about her!

And finally, just a few pages that grabbed my eye in the gallery this week - all images are linked back to the gallery for credits and a chance for you to leave a little love!!


*First Salute by vminnick

Beautiful blending on this layout and a fabulous story told!


*Jump by latz

A page from our spotlight girl!! I love the movement in this page ... especially with that amazing action shot just frozen! The journaling is awesome, too.


*Waiting by dulska

I absolutlely love the perspective of the photo and the stitching on the paper blocks!


*His Independence Day by pinewoodtoo

Love the overall patriotic feel created with simple details. The blocks showcase the photos perfectly, too!

* We are Family by margje

I love this "take" on Template Tuesday this week ... especially the use of the woodgrain paper and the copying of the tree in the background!

Well, I'm off - I've got a long drive ahead of me tomorrow so I can get back home! Unfortunately, I know how much laundry awaits when I get there *ugh* Have a most fabulous week!!

P.S. Don't forget about our giveaways being hosted at beckyhiggins.com and eighteen25 ... both are amazing websites and we are so excited that they are sharing their love of jessicasprague.com!

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Ann Daly
Ann Daly: ...
Great article on Lisa!! WOOT! She is such an excellent scrapper. Ty for showcasing my page done for the JS Weekly Challenge. I always look for to the challenge each week. Hugs!! ~Ann

July 10, 2011
SusanD: ...
Just love this article about Lisa! She is an awesome scrapper, documenting all of her family activities so beautifully!


July 10, 2011
Bedie Price
Bedie Price: ...
Loved learning about you Lisa!! You are amazing.

July 10, 2011
marianne van arnhem
marianne van arnhem: ...
Great article! Love the chance to get to know eachother a little bit better!
And thanks for showcasing my LO! So great to make lO's with the beautiful templates! Every week is a challenge!

July 11, 2011
Marilyn Quinn
Marilyn Quinn: ...
I have been looking at Lisa's (latz) beautiful work for some time now and it is such fun to put a face to her beautiful layouts. Thank you.

July 11, 2011

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