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Gift- Moving Memories: Videography 101 - Shooting Better Videos
Welcome to the Moving Memories with Jeff and Greg series. In this first class you will learn basic videography including can't-miss techniques for shooting better home videos using your camcorder, digital SLR, or even your phone!

Gift- Moving Memories: Videography 102 - Shoot to Edit
Videography 102: Shoot to Edit is our second self-paced videography class which is designed to prepare you to shoot your videos with the END GOAL in mind. You'll learn to capture shots in a way that will allow you to begin editing together your videos in

Gift- Moving Memories: Videography 102.5 - Shoot to Edit Like a
Starts 11/12/12 - Videography 102.5 - Shoot To Edit, Like a Pro - is a supplemental class to our V102 class - Shoot to Edit. This class will take you into the mind of a professional as we shoot an actual event and explain what we look for when capturing

Moving Memories: Editing 101 - Adobe Premiere Elements
Editing 101 with Adobe Premiere Elements: In this beginner editing class,you will learn the basic layout and edit techniques to edit video together in Premiere Elements. Don't miss out on the $25 savings!

Moving Memories: The Bundle
Buy all 4 Moving Memories Classes and save $50!!

Moving Memories: Editing 101.1 Adding Still Images
Editing 101.1 - Adding Still Images with Adobe Premiere Elements: This class teaches you how to add still images with motion to video projects.

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