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Moving Memories with Jeff and Greg is a series of videography and editing production classes hosted by Jeff Smith and Greg Winters. Both Jeff and Greg have extensive backgrounds in the television and film industry.  Jeff and Greg will tap into their knowledge of cameras, lighting, audio, and editing from years in the television and film industry to teach tips on how to improve home video production skills.

Moving Memories will build your skills through beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses.  The topics will include videography, audio, lighting, editing and how to think like a professional. Each class will include video instructions, printable tips and assignments.

Join us on your journey toward becoming a better videographer and editing your own projects and home videos into professional looking movies that your friends and family will love to watch!


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Moving Memories: Editing 101 - Adobe Premiere Elements
Editing 101 with Adobe Premiere Elements: In this beginner editing class,you will learn the basic layout and edit techniques to edit video together in Premiere Elements. Don't miss out on the $25 savings!

Moving Memories: The Bundle
Buy all 4 Moving Memories Classes and save $50!!

Moving Memories: Editing 101.1 Adding Still Images
Editing 101.1 - Adding Still Images with Adobe Premiere Elements: This class teaches you how to add still images with motion to video projects.

Moving Memories: FREE CLASS - Shooting with Cell Phones
Welcome to the Moving Memories with Jeff and Greg series. In this free class, you will learn a quick tip or two on how to shoot video with your cell phone as well as what you can expect to learn in the Jeff and Greg's series of upcoming classes!

Moving Memories: Videography 101 - Shooting Better Videos
Welcome to the Moving Memories with Jeff and Greg series. In this first class you will learn basic videography including can't-miss techniques for shooting better home videos using your camcorder, digital SLR, or even your phone!

Moving Memories: Videography 102 - Shoot to Edit
Videography 102: Shoot to Edit is our second self-paced videography class which is designed to prepare you to shoot your videos with the END GOAL in mind. You'll learn to capture shots in a way that will allow you to begin editing together your videos in

Moving Memories: Videography 102.5 - Shoot to Edit Like a Pro
Starts 11/12/12 - Videography 102.5 - Shoot To Edit, Like a Pro - is a supplemental class to our V102 class - Shoot to Edit. This class will take you into the mind of a professional as we shoot an actual event and explain what we look for when capturing

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