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AVAILABLE NOW! You love taking photographs of the events in your life, big and small. If you only take ONE Photoshop class in your life, this is it! In this self-paced class, Jessica shows you how to take your photos from Good to Great in Photoshop!

Product: Photo Editing 1: Good-to-Great!

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You are awesome. Your thousands of photos are awesome. I'll show you how to make your photos even MORE awesome with a few simple techniques in Photoshop.

My life changed forever when I got my first digital camera. In the years since, I've taken tens of thousands of photographs on various cameras and devices, trying to capture the breathtaking beauty of the simple life that surrounds me. I know you're the same way. You there, with at least three ways of taking photographs within arm's reach of you at all times? Yeah, I can see you. And I can tell you that when you combine your photographs with some edits in Photoshop, they will truly make your heart sing. I'll show you how. (Also, learning Photoshop will improve your animal magnetism. Trust me.)

This self-paced class will be ready for you the moment you complete your purchase. And you'll have access to all your course materials FOREVER. No need to be online at a specific time - complete the class at your own pace!

Learning the techniques I teach in this class will give you a set of skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It'll change the way you think about photography and the entire photographic process, it'll boost your confidence, and it will bring those precious photographic memories to life!

This course, which is the first in a photo editing series, focuses on global editing - things you can apply to an entire photo. You'll learn the basic photo editing techniques to take your photos straight from the camera through simple transformations that will have you (and your loved ones) saying WOW! You'll learn not only the RIGHT techniques, but also WHEN to use which technique in your arsenal. Even if you're a self-taught photo editor, I've got some amazing tricks you'll love, in the context of a workflow that will have you editing smarter, faster, and better than ever before.

You'll learn how to:
  • Identify the basic vocabulary of photo editing
  • Open, close, combine, resize and save images for print and the web
  • Crop without cropping
  • Control brightness, contrast and exposure
  • Bring out details in your photographs
  • Create gorgeous black-and-white and sepia-tone photos
  • Add texture
  • Improve your camera-to-finished workflow for all your images

In addition, I have bonus tutorials where you'll learn:

  • Photo management
  • Color management
  • Creative cropping
  • Noise reduction
  • Adding type to your photos
  • Sizing files for diptychs, triptychs, and collages (cropping-without-cropping)
  • How to make a before-and-after image to display your edits
  • And so much more!

All of the classes here at come with gorgeous video instruction, broken down into project-based lessons and individual tasks within each lesson. This bite-sized approach to Photoshop makes it easy to understand, and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish as you learn!

In addition to the lesson projects, I'll offer challenges, extra information, links, downloads, and other materials designed to enhance your experience and deepen your understanding of how to use Photoshop in your specific area of learning. You'll take the class completely at your own pace (you never need to be online at a specific time), and all of the course materials are available to you FOREVER from your My Classes page here at We love users of Mac or Windows, and welcome students from around the world to join us!

In addition to the classroom, which contains video-based lessons and downloadable PDF companion guides to help you follow along, our class also features a private forum where you can ask and answer questions and participate in discussions. Plus, you'll enjoy these features:

  • I'll walk you through  video lessons, and show you how and when to use the Photoshop tools, palettes, and dialog boxes that are designed to help make your photos better. Each video lesson is divided into bite-size, doable tasks that will have you editing pics like a pro in no time!
  • My step-by-step video lessons let you see and hear the techniques, at an easy-to-understand pace, with techniques that build on one another. You can stop, rewind, and restart the videos as many times as you need to.
  • You'll receive instructional videos in both Photoshop Elements AND the full version of Photoshop, so if you ever decide to upgrade, you'll automatically have the class for your version!
  • You'll get a a set of sample photos - the same ones I use in the videos - to follow along with the techniques before you practice on your own pictures. You can see what I'm doing and why, and then apply these techniques in your own work. Using sample photos is a great way to get the same results that I do!
  • Assignments and Self-check exercises will have you speeding through these techniques in no time, KNOWING that you're really learning the material.

There are no prerequisites to this beginner-level class. You'll need a computer with internet access, and have any version of Photoshop Elements 7+ or Photoshop CS2+ installed. Adobe offers a free 30-day trial of these programs in its latest version.

Jessica Sprague is the founder and lead instructor at She is a renowned designer, teacher, author, and Photoshop expert with more than 12 years of experience helping others to find their potential in using their computers to tell the stories of their lives. She loves Diet Mt. Dew and gets jazzed about external hard drives and RAM. Jessica is the author of four books on Photoshop, mouse-and-paper crafting, and storytelling, and is a former Contributing Editor to Creating Keepsakes magazine. She writes regularly at her blog, and posts almost daily to various social media.

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torikei  (Wednesday, 17 April 2013)
Rating: 5
I know quite a bit about photoshop so I was a little worried about what I would actually take away from this class. No worries--this is an awesome
class. I learned a tremendous amount. Jessica is a great teacher--a natural. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take their photos
to the next level.

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