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For Advanced digital scrapbookers! The fourth and FINAL class in the series of intensive, video-based online digital scrapbooking classes.

Product: Digi: In Deeper - Advanced Digital Scrapbooking 2

This was the first session of the instructor-led version. It is now hidden as there is a self-paced version in the store.


Here are some quick details of the class:
  • Course Type: Instructor-led
  • Format: Screencast, Online, Self-paced
  • Length: Twelve Lessons (approx. 10.5 hours of screencast)
  • Subject: Advanced digital scrapbooking
  • Instructor: Jessica Sprague
  • Works for: Photoshop Elements 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5
  • Mac and Windows? Both!
  • Who's it for: Advanced digital scrapbookers
Digi: In Deeper is the fourth in Jessica's series of online digital scrapbooking courses. If you have 1+ year of digital scrapbook experience, or you've completed my Digi: In Deep class, this class is for you!

Designed for advanced digital scrapbookers, Digi: In Deeper will introduce new ways of designing stunning pages, installing and using actions, and lots of advanced tricks I've never taught anywhere before! In this video-based class, you'll have TWELVE assignments (plus additional between-layout and album assignments for practice) and learn how to:

  • use design principles to create gorgeous pages you'll love
  • develop an organization system that works!
  • install and use actions (even in PSE!) to add pop to your photos and quickly resize pages for the web
  • extract images from their backgrounds using several go-to techniques
  • create overlays and textures for photos and patterned paper from scanned and photographed images
  • use clip-art and dingbats as embellishment in new ways
  • type in shapes and around circles (you'll draw the paths in the full version of Photoshop!)
  • discover different scrapbooking & design styles, and identify your favorites
  • create and save brush sets

Class Features

Let's summarize some of the features of our class:


  • I'll walk you through TWELVE video lessons, with one layout each. These layouts are intense!

  • Step-by-step video tutorials let you see and hear the techniques

  • You'll learn about FOUR different scrapbooking styles and complete three layouts in each style


  • You'll get a downloadable digital kit for every layout that contains everything you need to be successful in our class


  • You'll get access to our private class message board, where you can ask questions, or chat with other participants about anything you like

  • You'll get access to our class image gallery, where you can upload your lesson layouts and get praise and feedback

  • All of the videos you'll see and other course content you'll receive will be available FOREVER from your course home page at JessicaSprague.com. No expiration, even after the course ends!



I recommend that you have either taken Digi: In Deep, or have at least one year of practice in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements before joining this class. If you consider yourself to be a fairly advanced digital scrapbooker, and you're looking to improve your skills, get inspired by great projects, and have a great time as you tell your stories, this class is for you!

Permanent Access

After registering, you'll be able to access the material as it becomes available each day from your Course Home page! Take all the time you need to work through the material - the course is available to you forever.

Digi: In Deeper is truly the opportunity to take your digital scrapbooking skills to a new level! This is material I don't teach anywhere else, and I think you'll love learning all you can do when you get Deeper into Digi!

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Jacopetti  (Tuesday, 15 February 2011)
Rating: 5
This class is fantastic. Jessica's best yet!! All fresh, new material - and so much to learn.

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