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A Square Meal in Bite-Sized Pieces

My Photoshop Friday series is a bite-sized approach to learning Photoshop. With each project, I'll show you a truly useful Photoshop technique, and we'll practice it in the context of a cool digital scrapbook page. You'll receive all the materials (yay digital scrapbook supplies!) a 10-15 minute video lesson, and a downloadable PDF walkthrough for the technique itself (idea: print those babies out and make a binder).

Achieve Awesome, 30 Minutes at a Time

With each mini-class, you'll learn gorgeous and useful techniques that cover the whole range of the digital scrapbooking craft, including photos, type, pattern, and embellishment. Best part? You can complete an entire page in half an hour (unless you spend the first 25 minutes looking for a photograph, in which case all bets are off).

So that's the achievement. Now how about the awesome? The thing is, there are plenty of ways to learn Photoshop. You could follow tutorials that teach you how to make text look like it's on fire (not gonna link that one). Or how to swap your boss' head with the body of a barnyard animal (definitely not gonna link that one). Great fun! Not so useful. BUT, by joining Photoshop Friday Forever, you'll get the opportunity to learn real-world techniques you can adapt and re-use over and over again, across all the areas of your life! Plus as part of Team Forever, you'll be able to get inspiration for additional projects based on the techniques in the mini-classes, so you can see them in action!

With Photoshop Friday, you can incorporate a little learning, a little memory-keeping, and a LOT of fun into your week, and get access to all the courses you might have missed.

So, Why Make Scrapbook Pages?

This question is an obvious one to memory-keepers (insert eyeroll). But to those who haven't seen the light? Well, sometimes when I talk about scrapbooking, people give me that face. You know the one? That turns regular people into judgy-pants and instantly sends you on the defensive trying to explain how it's not about puffy stickers and alligator scissors, or a font with letters shaped like a picket fence. But scrapbookers know. We know the good stuff. We savor and save the good stuff. And all anyone has to do is try it, right? Like veggies. And above all else, I've found that Photoshop is easiest to learn when it's easy to apply. That's why I make such a big deal about real-world techniques.

There's a quote I like to use in the classes I teach, that really evokes the power of recording our stories.

We Write to Taste Life Twice: Once in the moment, and once in retrospection. -Anais Nin

Memories aren't little things. The stories of your life are the sum of all you've experienced, and where the true VALUE of your life can be measured. By focusing on recording our stories, you'll get THREE benefits:

One: Get Happy.

Studies have shown that people who regularly think about their own life stories are happier. More mindful. More appreciative. More resilient. And more amazing (this last one isn't really an official result, but it's definitely unofficially true)

Two: Make Them Happy.

Other studies have shown that children who live in homes with photographs of themselves are happier and better adjusted, because of the sense of belonging that brings. Reading the stories you've told about the people who love you is a precious experience, and it's your way to show your own love in a way that lasts forever.

Three: Become a Photoshop Ninja.

You'll be amazed (seriously) at how many other areas of your life become easier when you learn Photoshop. That poster for your kid's school? The cover for that report at work? Decor for your empty walls? Gifts for one and all? Boom. Done.

We scrapbook to taste life twice. And we scrapbook digitally to taste life twice and also secretly become Photoshop ninjas.

What You'll Get

Right now, I post a new Photoshop Friday course that's free each weekend, from Friday through Sunday. After that, the course is gone! But when you subscribe to the Photoshop Friday Group, you'll get continuing access to all of the Photoshop Friday mini-classes, both past and present! Each course comes with all the materials you'll need, including a starter digital template, patterned papers and embellishments. All you'll need is a few photos! In addition, you'll get continuing access to my Photoshop Friday LIVE courses on the first Friday of every month, as well as the PDF walkthroughs for those techniques. And that isn't even all: You'll get an invitation to join the PSF Facebook Group, where you can ask and answer questions, share projects, and exchange ideas for how to remix the techniques into all kinds of projects!

p.s. If you need to learn the super-basics of Photoshop, my course for beginners is included in the library!

Here, Let Me Show You.

I say that all the time. And I also say "awesome" all the time. I can't help either one of those, because professionally speaking, I'm a teacher first, and everything else (author, designer, businessperson) second. And also, I think a lot of things are awesome. I'm SUPER GOOD at relishing things. Awesome. (See?)

Join me for Photoshop Friday Forever, and I'll see YOU in class. You ninja.

Your Instructor

Jessica Sprague
Jessica Sprague

Hi there! I'm Jessica Sprague, owner and instructor here at JessicaSprague.com. I founded JessicaSprague.com in 2007 to share the creative potential of Photoshop for crafting. Thousands of hours and dozens of classes later, and it's still my goal: to help you find your creative wings with digital crafting! Learn more about me. Are you ready to start the journey? Join me!

Courses Included with Purchase

Photoshop Friday: Selective Recoloring
Go from black and white to color!
Jessica Sprague
Poster - Smooth Sea
Create this gorgeous Smooth Sea poster!
Jessica Sprague
(2) Digital 1: We've Just Begun
Start here! This class will teach you the beginning basics to digital scrapbooking.
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Sepia Tone Photos
Convert your Photos into Timeless Sepia Tone Photos!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Use a Scanned Item
Bring something from Real Life into the Digital World!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Pattern Paper as an Overlay
Add texture and visual interest to your layouts!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Stroke a Border
Use a Border to Highlight Your Photograph
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Decorate with Dingbats
Add a little snazzy dingbat to your journalling!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Two Page Titles
Expand your title across two pages and create a double page spread!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Journal Around a Photo Collage
Bend around corners and frame your photos!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Reversed Out Type
Reverse out your type and add a new element to your art!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Add Texture to a Photo
Add a little flare to your photographs!
Jessica Sprague
LIVE Photoshop Friday: Special Photo Treatment
Don't let summer walk out just yet!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Combine Fonts and Alphabet Stickers
Get Ready to Combine 2 of My Favorites - Gorgeous Fonts and Alphabet Stickers
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Type Mask Tool
Learn this new way to make a word art title!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Turn a Corner with a Title
Add an extra twist to your layouts!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Best Summer Ever!
Create your own Summer 2017 Bucket List!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Multi-Colored Titles
Add a rainbow of colors to your titles!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Add a Gradient Journaling Block
Learn this new way to integrate your journaling
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Journal In Columns
Use columns to add an interesting twist to your journaling
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Use Alphabet Rub Ons!
From A-Z how to use Alphabet Rub Ons!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Create a Calendar Layout!
Count down the days with this gorgeous spread!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Black and White Photo
Learn my special technique to create a gorgeous black and white photo.
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Use a Texture to Create Patterned Paper
Learn how to use a textured overlay to create patterned paper!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Painting with a Patterned Paper
Spread the joy!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Use a Map
Add a map to your layout
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Dreamify A Photo
Make your photo dreamy and be taken away!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Use Oversized Type
Use Oversized Type and Create a Sticker to add drama!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Tone on Tone
Tone on Tone, the Live Extravaganza!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Creating a Journaling Card
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Date as a Design Element
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Organize Your Layout with a Grid
Our gift to you this holiday season!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Spice Up Your Journaling
Learn the beginning of Type-ology!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Create A Custom Diamond Pattern
Jessica Sprague
Happy Holidays: Create Your Own Custom Star Shape Page
Our gift to you this holiday season!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Add a Title to a Photo
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Fill Type With a Patterned Paper
Our gift to you this holiday season!
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Repeat Text for a Title Block
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Create A Custom Brush
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Rounded Corners
Jessica Sprague
Photoshop Friday: Dress Up a Title with Layered Text
Jessica Sprague

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photoshop Friday?
Photoshop Friday is a weekly Photoshop mini-class, featuring a single awesome Photoshop technique wrapped up in a super-cute digital scrapbook page!
What is a Photoshop Friday course like?
Each mini-class contains all the materials you'll need to create the featured layout, plus a video lesson (typically 15-20 minutes), and a downloadable PDF walkthrough. Because of this mini-class format, you'll be able to complete pages fast AND learn Photoshop skills to last you a lifetime!
How long do I have access to the Photoshop Friday courses?
When you subscribe, you'll get instant access to ALL the Photoshop Friday tutorials I've published so far in 2017! In addition, you'll receive members-only access to all future Photoshop Friday mini-courses, for as long as you're a subscriber!
How about bonuses? I like bonuses!
Oh man. Me too! So here's the cool stuff: For as long as you're a PSF subscriber, you'll have access to the exclusive PSF Facebook Group, where you can ask and answer questions and share projects! You'll also have continuing access to my LIVE Photoshop First Friday tutorial and the PDF walkthrough that accompanies it.

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