Mouse, Paper, Scissors: Subway Art Mini-Class

Jessica Sprague

Hello! Welcome to Mouse, Paper, Scissors! I am SOOO EXCITED to share with you our Subway Art Mini-Class! This lesson was SUCH a hit in the full version of our Mouse Paper Scissors: Give Class, that we decided this was a class for the masses - whether you are a paper, hybrid, or digi crafter!

As you already know, Heidi and I have teamed up to bring you this experience, which combines the best of two beautiful, incredible worlds - the world of crafting using Photoshop, and the world of crafting with paper and scissors.

A Few Words from Heidi

I am SO excited, and HONORED that Jessica has invited me to work together with her on this class. The whole concept of the “hybrid" creative process is just SO totally my passion right now… 'Mouse, Paper, Scissors' is so exactly right up my alley, I just can't even stand it!

So WELCOME! And Thank You SO much for playing along!

Let me start out by saying the there is quite a large HYBRID spectrum…

On one end you have the traditional scrapbooker that is creating titles on the computer, and does a little photo editing… to the other end of the spectrum… just short of a brochure for the family reunion! The result, no matter where you choose to be on that spectrum, is SO much creative freedom! There is so much beautiful art out there, totally accessible/available and once you know how to use it, and play with it… sky's the limit!

I love that!

There are a few things that are good to understand… this class is about getting your creations OUT of the computer, and make something you can touch, and feel and hold.

A Few Words from Jessica

When I began my path as a scrapbooker almost seven years ago, I started out "hybrid" - but I didn't know it. A web designer by trade, I found it completely natural to create journaling, edit photos, and even create a few of my own embellishments using the computer and my printer. But I was drawn to the feel of textured cardstock, stamps and ink, flowers, and all the amazing array of scrapbooking supplies I could touch and feel and use on my pages. And you know what? I still feel that way. Seven years in, hundreds of pages later, and I still love the way textured cardstock feels. Love putting finishing touches on a mini-album or a gift I've made for a friend or loved one.

It makes me proud to have the skill to switch seamlessly between Photoshop and the physical world of crafting - to be able to think up a crazy idea in my head and make that thing work and print it out. That's what I want to share in this class - that skill to give YOU more creative freedom. I'm so excited by all the incredible projects Heidi has designed for us, and I'm so excited to share with you all the techniques that go in to creating them in Photoshop. I am energized by the partnership I feel with Heidi, and by her incredible, amazing creativity. I know you'll feel that too as we take this journey together.

Thank you for taking this class. It's a risk, I know! And I acknowledge and thank you for taking the leap!

Welcome to class!

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